Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hangin' Out with Anna Banana II

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in so long. I have been so busy now that Anna Banana II is making her annual visit to town. Friday I worked half a day, then Travalon helped me move a giant plant from my office to Richard Bonomo’s house, and then we had lunch at McGee’s and some sour beer at Funk Factory before heading to Spring Green. We hiked at the cactus place and had dinner at an old-fashioned drive-in before I went to a very funny play called Born Yesterday at the outdoor theater with the Dairyman’s Daughter. Travalon went fishing, then we met up after the play and headed home, but suddenly a storm blew up. We hadn’t seen that in the forecast! We made it to Madison, but the roads were so flooded that we had to escape onto back roads and ended up spending the night at Rich’s.

Saturday Travalon and I had a leisurely brunch at the Lakeside Café, out on the balcony, while the weather was beautiful. It quickly got very hot, so when we headed to Anna Banana II’s cottage on Lake Ripley to join her and Jilly Moose for lunch, we just sat inside. Eventually Rich, Luxuli, and Prairie Man joined us, then Travalon and I had to leave for the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan concert at Breese Stevens Field. That was excellent, although Travalon was a bit bummed that Steely Dan did not do his favorite song, “Deacon Blues.” They did do mine, “Kid Charlemagne.” He bought me a concert T-shirt that says “Hey 19” on the back. What color is it? Deacon Blue, of course!

Sunday after Mass Travalon and I went to Bear N Bottle for brunch, then we met Anna Banana II, Jilly Moose, and Rich for a $5 pontoon boat ride on Lake Mendota. It was so wonderfully breezy on the lake, but so hot once we got back to land! We went to Salmo Pond and swam in the very cold water, then we went to Rich’s, where he grilled burgers and we also had leftovers from the party the day before. Kathbert also joined us.

Monday after work I met the other Rosary Ladies at Café Porta Alba for dinner, then we went to see The Incredibles 2, which was really good. For the adults, it had an interesting commentary on gender role reversals and expectations. I highly recommend it.

Yesterday I took the day off of work, and Travalon, Anna Banana II, Jilly Moose, and I drove to Lambeau Field, where we stopped at the Packer Pro Shop. We drove to Sturgeon Bay and took a boat ride run by a young, energetic couple – the wife even dressed up as a Dalmatian at one point, and she let us use the fire hose on the old firefighting boat and hosted a limbo contest for the kids. Then we went hiking at Whitefish Dunes State Park, and we returned to Lambeau for dinner at 1919. We stopped at Miracle Mile in Fond du Lac to buy lottery tickets, since the jackpot was up to $147 million, and we got our tickets just in time for the drawing. However, we didn’t win anything so today I am back at work for three more days. Monday I start my new job!

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