Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Least Satisfying Packers Victory Ever

How about that game last night? I was already in a grumpy mood that it was at least the third evening game so far this season – I love the Pack, but evenings should be free for getting things done and getting to bed on time. Then the Pack were playing like someone told them to lose, fumbling the ball and doing all sorts of stupid things like they were a clown team. Just when I thought someone had paid them to throw the game to the Lions – at Lambeau! – then the refs started making strange calls, like two facemasks against the Lions that really didn’t look like anything, and a non-call against the Packers for what was clearly pass interference. It started with a helmet-to-helmet foul that just looked like an accident, like the Lions player couldn’t stop his forward momentum and kept his head down precisely to avoid injuring Geronimo Allison, who was injured and had to leave the game. Since Davante Adams couldn’t play last night, they were a little light on good receivers. There have been many bad calls against the Packers (remember that game in Seattle? Travalon was there!) but I have never seen so many against one team like that. Then Jamaal Williams had the chance to run in for a touchdown, but he slid down a yard short of the end zone to run down the clock, so the Packers could kick a field goal and win by one point without the Lions getting the ball back. Normally I would say that was clever strategy, but considering how unfair the penalties had been to get them to that point, I didn’t think it was good sportsmanship. Give Detroit a chance to win fairly! I feel for their fans, and how can you enjoy a victory when it feels so tainted? Though I will say that today someone posted a shot of one of the facemask penalties where the Lions player clearly DID have the Packer’s facemask in his hand, so maybe the refs saw things the rest of us couldn’t. Still, this was the least satisfying Packers victory ever.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Travalon's High School Reunion

I hope my readers had a good weekend. I had very little energy, so on Friday night Travalon (that prince among men) got fish takeout from Mariner’s. Saturday we met Jilly Moose and OK Cap at the new coffee place in Garver Mill, and I thought the coffee had a burned taste. Some people like that, so maybe they were going for that flavor, but they roast their own beans, so maybe it was an accident. I’ll have to give them another try sometime… I did notice someone else put their entire undrunk latte in the bus bin, so clearly they REALLY did not like it. Then I was supposed to play at Eplegaarden, but I never saw the email canceling the gig, even though I was obsessively looking for it. (I knew it was a possibility due to low temperatures.) Who knows where emails sometimes go on their cyber-vacations? We went to Rich’s house, and he told us he once got yelled at for not responding to an email, and then a week later the email in question popped into his inbox. In the evening Travalon and I went to his class reunion at a park pavilion in Pewaukee (say that five times fast!), and people were friendly to me, but they didn’t really know me so I ended up talking to the very nice wife of one of Travalon’s classmates. We actually went to each other’s weddings but hadn’t seen each other in years. Then Travalon and I went to China Lights in Milwaukee, and they were beautiful. I will post some photos soon.

Yesterday I overslept and couldn’t get to my parish for Mass, so we went to Westport. People there are just not friendly at all; for example, the Knights of Columbus were trying to recruit men, and they didn’t even ask Travalon if he was interested. Why, because we don’t go there every week? We went to the Chocolaterian for brunch but discovered to our horror that they had closed, so we went to Common Ground and then drove out to Sauk to see eagles, since it was so cold. No eagles, but plenty of seagulls. Then we went to Devil’s Lake and looked around a little bit, but I was still wearing Mass clothes and was too cold to hike, so we took the Merrimac ferry back home, changed, and took a hike at Holy Wisdom Monastery. In the evening there was a compline service at the Lutheran church where I used to sing, but we got going too late, so we just got some ice cream. I went to bed really early – for me – but didn’t particularly have any easier of a time getting up this morning when my alarm went off at 6 am. Remember, thanks to the wonders of Daylight Saving Time, it’s really 5 am and totally dark. Sigh…

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Other People Left Out of the Picture

Apparently I am not the only one deemed uncool enough for social media AFTER being requested to submit something. As my regular readers probably remember (since this post was only from a month ago), I was asked to pose for two photos at an event, but neither photo appeared on a post about the event. Here on campus, a number of student groups were asked to make videos to submit to the Homecoming committee, but when the final video was released, none of the clips made by underrepresented groups made the final cut. Everyone in the final product was white (and I daresay attractive), as if this was an entire university of sorority sisters. Disappointing, but not surprising – the committee that made the final video consisted only of these “perfect” white girls. The minority groups were very upset, and I feel their pain to some extent. (I was not excluded for being the wrong color, but for being the wrong aesthetic – ugly.) The excluded students complained to the administration, and now it is a big scandal, and the ridiculous video of beautiful white girls with perfect smiles has been taken down. Good! I’d say what is wrong with people, but unfortunately I already know: those deemed most desirable by society have no interest in the rest of us, whether we are too dark or too ugly or whatever. Changing human nature is very hard, so the best solution would be to have a more diverse committee. Of course, if you are only asked to join the committee by other committee members, that may be where the real problem lies, and where the lack of diversity perpetuates itself. I have no solutions to the basic problem, but maybe it’s time for a more mature adult to intervene in this student committee. Sometimes people just don't learn things without being taught.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

PSA: Get Your Flu Shot!

Today was bookended by seeing two previous coworkers from the press. In the morning I took an early bus to work so I could get free breakfast provided by the alumni association, and that was where I ran into one old coworker. She did not know about free breakfast, so she had already eaten, but she came with me and got some coffee. When she saw they had little yogurts, she took one of those for later. I had to rush off to a meeting because I had somewhat insanely volunteered to take minutes, so we said our goodbyes. Then at the end of the workday I went to a campus benefits fair, mostly because the different vendors give out swag like pens and sunglasses and travel toothbrushes that come with their own tiny tubes of toothpaste. I ran into several people I knew at the fair, including one person working at a table who was delighted to let me spell him while he took a much-needed break. As I was walking back from the fair, I ran into another coworker from the press, who was heading to the fair for his flu shot and maybe the cover you can put on cell phones that will hold credit cards. I told him I hadn’t seen any of those, but this late in the day things were pretty picked over. I also forewarned him that a few days after my flu shot I developed a cold, and then a few days after his flu shot, so did Travalon. Coincidence, or is this year’s batch of flu vaccine so potent that it induces a mild flu? Consider yourself warned, as my former coworker was. He decided it was worth the risk, and it totally is. A mild cold that makes you miss a weekend is nothing compared to the flu, because that will make you miss at least a week of your life and wonder if this misery will ever end. Since it sometimes does end because the victim died, I would also tell my readers to get a flu shot. It’s worth suffering a mild cold not to die!

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Revenge Is a Dish... of Curried Goat

I hope my readers had a good weekend. Travalon and I had a wonderful date night on Friday, when we went to Flix Brewhouse for fish fry, beer, and the movie Downton Abbey. I would highly recommend this movie if, like us, you were an avid watcher of the TV show. If you have never seen the TV show, there is very little explanation of who all the characters are, because it is assumed that you already know.

Saturday morning Travalon and I met Tiffy, the Single B-Boy, and Richard Bonomo for coffee, then Travalon went to check out Harvest Fest on Library Mall while Tiffy, Rich, and I got lunch at the Globe. We had been hoping to do the corn maze that day, but it was rainy, so Tiffy and I went to Fired Up and made fused glass objects. Mine is a bowl (or it will be after firing – right now it’s flat) with a cheerful sun on it. Is the sun a male or a female? The Romance languages consider it masculine, maybe because in comparison to the feminine moon, it is much stronger and more intense. However, in Irish both the sun and the moon are feminine, and I kind of like that. After all, the sun is a star, and stars seem feminine to me. It takes care of us here on earth, providing light and heat so that we can live. That seems maternal to me. After that we met Rich, the Single B-Boy, and Travalon at David’s Jamaican Restaurant for dinner. Rich and the B-Boy wanted to have curried goat in revenge against the mountain goats that continuously harassed them during their hiking trip in Glacier National Park. I took a picture of them eating goat to text to the third participant of this trip, who lives in Colorado and so couldn’t join the festivities. After dinner Tiffy and I went to a Baroque music concert, this one all music of Telemann. Some of it was pretty funny, like the stuff based on Gulliver’s Travels and Don Quixote, and my favorite, a cantata in memory of a canary eaten by a cat.

Yesterday Travalon was really sick, so we went to Mass in Westport, then I met Tiffy for brunch at Crema Café. It was crowded in there, so we felt we should give our table to someone who was waiting for one, but we weren’t done talking. I suggested a new coffee house at the old Garver feed mill building, and when we went in, two baristas were standing behind the counter as if they were waiting for business, but they said, “We’re not open yet. Later this week.” So Tiffy and I went to a vegan café that had just opened in the same building, and I had golden milk. Not only was it delicious, it made me feel wonderful afterwards. So when Jilly Moose, Luxuli, Travalon, and I took a rosary walk on a path by Jilly Moose’s workplace, I suggested they all try the golden milk. We got there just as the café was closing, but they did sell us golden milk. (I did not have more, since I wasn’t sure of the effects of two golden milks in one day.) Apparently it is coconut milk and almond milk with ginger, turmeric, cardamom, and black pepper, so I wonder which ingredient boosted my mood so much? Oh yeah, on the rosary walk we saw a baby snake on the path, and I tried to move it off, but Travalon was sure it was a baby rattlesnake, so I gave up before it bit me. It was sluggish but looked like it was thinking about striking me. Travalon and I watched part of the Packer game in a bar because I had thought the concert we were going to was an hour earlier than it actually was, and I was so happy to see them defeat the Cowboys even as I watched in real time. Maybe my watching them doesn’t really curse them…? The concert was Chanticleer, an all-male choral group, doing songs from around the world about trade winds. Travalon didn’t really like it until they did a Queen song for the encore. I guess from now on I will only ask him to go to concerts of classic rock, like possibly the upcoming Mini Kiss – an actual band of midgets doing Kiss songs in full makeup. I saw an ad for it and had to tell Travalon, who said, “I was going to tell you about that!” If we go, I promise to give you a full report.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Why There's a Crack in the Ceiling

Last night Travalon and I had some chocolate pasta we had gotten in Galena. It’s as delicious as it sounds! For the first time in months I bought vegetables at the co-op, since until now my garden has produced enough for us to have at every meal we cooked. However, the kale plants are slowing down now, and it was really wet yesterday, so I decided to just buy kale at the co-op. Travalon says he prefers kale to broccoli, so I found some, which was quite different than either of my kale plants. I have one with plain green leaves, and one with ruffly purple leaves, but this one had kind of wavy dark green leaves. It tasted a little different too, but I put cheese on it and Travalon liked it just fine.

This morning I called again about the crack in my office ceiling right above my head, since it was still there when I got into work. They were really busy with flood damage on campus, since there was so much rain in the last couple of days, but a guy did show up soon after that. He looked at the crack from the back end by lifting another panel, and he said it was scored for some reason, probably when they were cutting panels for smaller areas and they used it for a cutting board. The panel probably would have cracked eventually, and right now they are doing a lot of construction on our floor, so the vibrations might have caused the panel to finally crack where it had been scored. This explanation made sense, so I was no longer scared that something was about to fall on my head, and I was able to go back to working at my computer with a normal posture. Eventually they will fix the cracked panel, but it won’t fall down. Honestly, I might not have noticed the crack if I hadn’t heard it happen. Say it had happened during my lunch break and not right after I got back – I might have noticed the weird coffee ground stuff on the floor, and maybe that would have caused me to look up and notice the crack, but it wouldn’t have scared me as much as it did when I heard the loud sound of it cracking. Anyway, there is no need for panic now that I understand why it happened.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ominous Crack in the Ceiling

A very weird thing happened to me at work today. I had just returned from my lunchtime rosary walk and was putting something back into a file cabinet when I heard a cracking sound coming from the ceiling. I looked up, and there was a crack in the ceiling right above where I would have been sitting in front of my computer a few moments later. On the ground was a bunch of stuff that looked like coffee grounds, but had I been sitting at my computer, it might have been on me! I was really weirded out by this and told a coworker, who fetched our boss, and they both looked at the ceiling too. I asked if it was safe for me to sit under a crack like that, and my boss shrugged. So then I texted Richard Bonomo, who recommended not sitting beneath the crack. He sent me the number for the facilities people, so I called them, and they sounded properly concerned. "We'll send someone right out to look at that!" they said, but hours later when I left work for the day, nobody had come to look at the crack in my ceiling yet. I spent the whole afternoon working on my computer sort of sideways, which was a real pain. Hopefully by tomorrow this issue will be resolved, because I do not want to work sideways for a whole day, nor do I want to sit right under an ominous crack in the ceiling. Too bad I don't have a third option, like working from home or just quitting my job and sailing around the world. Sigh.

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