Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mysterious Ancient Delivery Van

Yesterday something happened that I found really interesting, and hopefully you, my readers, will find it at least slightly interesting. Many years ago I went to college in the same town where I now reside, and at that time I would occasionally see a bright blue delivery van with a logo of a white cartoon van on the side. On the back was the same cartoon van, but at a rakish tilt so that it looked like it was careening around a corner at high speed. I thought it was very cute but also somewhat puzzling – what was it delivering? Why was the name of the company a secret? I hadn’t seen it in years, but a few years ago I did see it again and was shocked – how could it still be running? Then just yesterday as I was waiting for the bus, I saw it drive by again. This time I noticed that the van logo was actually a book with wheels and a cab, and that there were very faint words on the side of the van, as if they had been painted over. I googled the name and found a Yellow Pages entry for a place that delivers books to schools. I really wanted to take a picture of this van, but the two guys driving it looked at me suspiciously, probably because I reacted with such surprise to seeing them, that I thought the worst thing I could do in that moment was whip out my cell phone and snap a picture. However, now I know the address of the place the van must live most of the time, when it is not out delivering books, so maybe I can sneak by there sometime and take a picture of it while it is parked. Of course, it is in the rough part of town, so that won’t look even more suspicious than if I’d taken a picture of it driving by… You may just have to imagine this van. I probably shouldn’t risk my life getting a picture of it for my 4.5 loyal readers, as much as I want to.

Famous Hat

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