Monday, March 30, 2015

New Glarus and Paoli

Sorry for the lack of new pictures the last few days. Pictures take a really long time to upload, and I’ve been too busy watching basketball. “Watching basketball?” you might say. “What, you, Famous Hat?” Yes, when you are married to a basketball addict, you do get sucked into March Madness. Especially since our beloved Badgers are going to the Final Four, but unfortunately they play at the exact same time as the Easter Vigil Mass. I’m going to have to make some tough decisions…

Friday evening Cecil Markovitch, the Married B-Boy, and the OTHER Choir Director were going to the Dorf Haus for their fish fry. Normally I’d have joined them, but it was one of those stupid days at work where I created extra work for myself, having to manually enter a bunch of data our software usually enters for me, so I was in no mood to go so far afield. Travalon and I were going to stick close to home, but the Other Couple texted and wanted to get together at a restaurant just down the street, so we did. We were there until after nine, and they were still planning to catch a movie! We just went home and to bed.

Saturday was a beautiful day, relatively speaking (in Hawaii it wouldn’t have been), so Travalon and I took Rodney the Dog and drove to New Glarus for a long walk on their bike trail and back up through their adorable downtown. We stopped by the brewery and stocked up, then we drove to Paoli and had cheese curd bread, which is even more amazing than it sounds. A new brewery called The Hop Garden had just opened up, so we tried their beers, which are very potent, and then I was completely buzzed. Good thing Travalon was driving! He didn’t try all the kinds like I did. We also took a walk in Belleville, along the bike path there that goes over a bridge. We got home and watched basketball – of course – and then Richard Bonomo stopped by for leftover fish fry from Friday night and a showing of some of our Hawaii pictures. There are so many that he only got partway through Kauai before it was really late.

Sunday Luxuli, Prairie Man, and the other bass in the choir went to brunch with Rich, Travalon, and me. It wasn’t a beautiful day, so we just stayed inside and watched basketball, until Rich had a few people over for dinner. I probably could have put more photos on the blog, but I was really getting into these basketball games. The teams who make it to the Elite Eight are very good, so the games were close and exciting, with lots of lead changes. One even went into overtime. We did take Rodney out for a walk between games, and despite the lousy weather, the wildlife was out in force. We saw the cranes who nest in our neighborhood every year, and two weasel-looking creatures chasing each other. The birds are returning to the marsh behind our house, so now we wake up to lots of birdsong in the morning. Spring is finally on its way!

Famous Hat

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pictures of Hawaii: Wedding and North Shore

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Hawaii, including a shot of downtown Honolulu, Travalon's old college buddy's wedding, and the North Shore of O'ahu, including the Polynesian Cultural Center.

'Iolani Hale, now the Supreme Court in Hononlulu

 Methodist church where the wedding took place

exchanging vows

 Mr. and Mrs.

 resort where the reception was held

dolphins at the resort

Travalon and Famous Hat looking Hawaiian
stingray at the resort
Aloha from the North Shore!

huge wave on the North Shore
the beautiful North Shore

These next photos are from the Polynesian Cultural Center, a wonderful place to visit if you are ever on O'ahu.
Samoan climbing a coconut tree

 Maori dancers looking mean

 Fiji Islanders in traditional costumes

These last photos are from the luau we attended at the Polynesian Cultural Center:

Still to come: two whole islands, Kauai and Maui. Stay tuned!

Famous Hat

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pictures from Hawaii: Waikiki and Pearl Harbor

These are pictures Travalon took while we were in Hawaii. I will post my own at some point. This post will be pictures from Waikiki and Pearl Harbor on O'ahu.

 Waikiki Beach

 impressive banyan tree

Diamond Head

Hawaiian cardinal

statue of surfer with lei

Famous Hat and fine feathered friends

 view from our hotel window in Waikiki

The Arizona memorial

list of those killed on the Arizona

Famous Hat with two survivors of the Arizona

Lots more pictures to come!

Famous Hat

Monday, March 23, 2015

Life after Hawaii - Does It Exist?

Sometimes it is so hard to come back from a perfect vacation, you wonder if it was worth taking it. Of course it is, because you have so much fun at the time and wonderful memories to cherish, but today was a dose of reality when I had to clean four inches of snow off of my car before heading to work. I’m fighting a cold, so that doesn’t help my outlook either. Today would have been a good day to stay home, or at least take the morning off and sleep, but I had plenty to do at work and didn’t want it to pile up any higher.

It hasn’t all been bleak since we got back. Friday at work we all went out to coffee with our old boss. In the evening Travalon and I went out for fish with Jilly Moose and OK Cap, then we all went over to Luxuli’s house for her surprise birthday party. (It’s a long story, but she went out for fish with other people.) Prairie Man had snuck a tres leches cake into the house, and Luxuli was totally surprised! Guess what she got for her birthday? Stuff from Hawaii! At least from Travalon and me; other people gave her fancy socks and a book. It was a very fun party.

Saturday I was going to go to a free concert of Bach and Handel, but our former organist is very sick, so I went to see her in the hospital. She did say she was very happy to see me. I hung out with Rich while he got the sparkplugs on his Jeep replaced, then he came to my old condo and installed the new toilet. We wanted to recycle the old one, but Habitat for Humanity does not take old toilets, so we ended up just throwing it away. The old condo is looking really good, with its coat of fresh paint in pale almond and its new carpeting. Very soon I hope to put it on the market. Know anyone looking for a little one-bedroom condo? It comes with an underground parking space. Travalon was with his old high school buddy all day watching the high school basketball tournament, but they did take a book store break, and he bought me a book about 501 islands to visit. Tahiti is in there, but I haven’t yet found Hawaii in it. It’s listed by geographical area, and Hawaii could be in the Americas, or it could be in Oceania. I may have to give up and check the index.

Yesterday I was pretty sick and didn’t go to the usual Mass. Travalon and I went to the later Mass just down the road from us, then we had brunch at the Manna CafĂ© with Jilly Moose and OK Cap. Then we just hung out at home and took it easy. We did watch the Badgers defeat Oregon to make it into the Sweet Sixteen. Yay!

Famous Hat

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Haleakala National Park

Yesterday was the last day in Hawaii for Travalon and me, unfortunately. We spent a leisurely morning at the beach and then went to Haleakala National Park, on a huge extinct volcano. We drove up and up, to 7500 feet of elevation, where the visitors' center was located. They often see the state bird around there, the nene, a flightless goose, but we were not so lucky. I had wanted to see the silverswords, a rare plant that only grows in the volcanic rock at the crater, so we had to drive up a very scary road with no guardrails to 10,000 feet of elevation. That's higher than Quito, Ecuador, the highest capital city in the world! From up there the views of lower peaks rising above the clouds were amazing. We saw the silverswords, which look a little like silver agaves, but they aren't blooming now. They do that in the summer. Each plant can live 50 years, then blooms once and dies. Then we went to a cute historic town we'd seen a sign for on the highway, and then we went to Kihei, another resort area on the southwest coast of Maui. Finally we had dinner at that restaurant recommended to us our first night on the island, before taking an overnight flight to Denver. Neither of us slept on it. We had a three-hour layover in Denver, so we had a relaxed breakfast before our flight home. And now we are back to the cold. Sigh...

Famous Hat

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Road to Hana

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Travalon and I commemorated the day by following the Road to Hana. This is a twisty road that follows the north coast of Maui, and it is very beautiful, with lots of waterfalls along the way and tropical rainforest all around. Of course, it is slow going, with numerous one-lane bridges so you have to wait if someone is coming from the other direction. Part of the way along it, we saw a sign for "The Garden of Eden," so we had to stop. There was a charge for entering, but it was worth it. It was a beautiful private arboretum with all sorts of palm trees, ti plants, and a walk called "Bamboo Alley" with more kinds of bamboo than we'd ever imagined existed. There was also a great view of a waterfall, and another of the ocean. We hiked the trails in the Garden of Eden for about an hour, then we got back on the Road to Hana. When we finally reached it, Hana is a sleepy little town with a lovely black sand beach. There was a beach with even blacker sand just down the road, but there was no really good way to get to it so we just parked along the road and made our way through some foliage to reach it. It turns out it is basically all privately owned, so why did they put it on the map? We were informed of this by two women who told us we were nuts if we wanted to continue on to the Seven Sacred Pools, but they did concede that they were worth the trip. They said it was getting too late to take the Hana Road back, since you don't want to be stuck on it in the dark, so we should take the quicker southern route back. We continued on to the Seven Sacred Pools, but Maui hasn't had enough rain this season, and the pools were mostly empty. We continued on the southern route, which was unpaved for part of the trip. The beginning of it was between the cliffs and the sea, so very picturesque but slightly scary. Then we came to a part that looked surprisingly like the west coast of Ireland, particularly the area called The Burren. We saw a natural arch out over the sea, made of black volcanic rock, and I got a pretty good shot of it that I'll try to post soon. The road did get better, but it went up into the mountains, and to the west we could see beaches with towns but no way to get down there from the highway. Finally we got to the town we'd had lunch in our first day, and we went back to the same restaurant because Travalon had seen something on their dinner menu that he had wanted to try. It was fish with guava sauce and fried wonton strips, and he really liked it. I had pasta that was really good but neither Hawaiian, as befitted the setting, nor Irish, as befitted the day. We did each have a Longboard Beer to toast St. Patrick. The restaurant sells really cool posters of the road to Hana, with the jungle in the background and a road sign with a really twisty road, so we had to get one of those in honor of our adventure.

Famous Hat

Monday, March 16, 2015

Whale Watching and a Luau

Today was another relaxing day in Paradise. Travalon and I had a leisurely breakfast at a place called Slappy Cakes; their gimmick is that there is a griddle on each table, and you can make your own pancakes, but at that hour we did not feel alert enough to use a griddle on which all the instructions were written in Japanese. We just ordered the Hawaiian pancakes that the chef makes. Then Travalon went to the beach while I had a ukulele lesson. The resort pays for lessons, but the people who attended were either locals taking advantage of the free lessons or flight attendants who come to Maui often enough to attend lessons regularly. I was the only newbie, but because of my experience with the mandolin, I wasn't completely lost. We learned how to play important chords like C, D, and G, and then some songs to play with those chords. The lesson was outside, overlooking the ocean, and the teacher asked if it was anyone's birthday this week. I said my brother's, so he recorded me (and the rest of the class) singing and playing "Happy Birthday," then we sent it to my brother.

In the afternoon Travalon and I took a whale watching cruise. We did see lots of whales, including one female who got really close to the boat and then kept smacking the water with her tail. The captain didn't know if she was warning us not to get too close, but he thought it was more likely a warning to an overly amorous suitor, since it is mating season for the humpback whales. Travalon was very excited because in the town the cruise left from, there was a bar owned by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. We did go in there for one quick drink.

In the evening we went to a luau. This was a more authentic one than at the Polynesian Cultural Center, because they buried the pig and then had a big ceremony to uncover it. We ate all kinds of food, including poi, which is just as gross as everyone says, and of course that wonderful, succulent pig. Then they had a show featuring all sorts of Polynesian cultures, and I have to say that after this trip, I'm beginning to feel well-versed in the differences. I could now tell you if a dance were Maori, Samoan, Tahitian, or Hawaiian. When this knowledge may come in handy, one never knows. The show ended with a spectacular fire dance from Samoa, although honestly the whole thing was a crowd pleaser. People love those sensuous Tahitian dances and the funny faces the Maori warriors make during their dances. I love Polynesia!

Famous Hat

Sunday, March 15, 2015

First Day in Maui

One thing I forgot to mention about yesterday was we went to Spouting Horn, a hole in the rocks by the ocean where the water spouts through. It wasn't making much of a spout that day, but it did make an impressive noise, like a very big horn.

This morning we took a short flight to Maui, about the same length as our flight to Kauai had been. Once we were here and had our rental car, we set off to explore the island, starting with trying to find a restaurant for lunch that had been recommended by the locals. We never did locate it, but we found another one that was really good. Then we drove to Iao Needle, a rock formation rising over a gorgeous valley with a stream. We took lots of photos. We also discovered a small county park with all sorts of gardens and buildings honoring the diverse ethnicities on the island, like Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Portuguese, and "New Englander." Then we checked into our hotel, and from our balcony we can see the ocean and the island of Molokai not even all that far away. There are several islands right by the west coast of Maui. We drove along the mountainous north coast on a very picturesque, winding road to find a lighthouse, and we saw a huge black billy goat with an enormous beard hanging out on the sand dunes. We took a walk in a park that was a total jungle, with lots of bird calls filling the air and vines hanging from the trees. Then we came back to watch the sunset over the beach and had dinner at the restaurant in our hotel that faces the beach. There was a guy playing guitar and singing traditional Hawaiian music, and then he was briefly interrupted for the "lighting ceremony," during which two guys blew conch shells and some other guys lit tiki torches, and then three girls hula danced right in front of us. I got some pictures, but they are blurry. We tried a coconut porter beer and then discovered that this hotel has a FREE business center, so I can blog for no charge, as long as I keep it under 15 minutes.

Tomorrow I will have a ukulele lesson, and then we will go whale watching.

Famous Hat

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Helicopter Tour of Kauai

Our last day on Kauai was an exciting one, starting first thing in the morning with a helicopter ride over the island. I was kind of scared going in, but it was very exciting and cool, and our tour guide was easygoing and funny. We flew along the rugged Na Pali coastline and into an extinct volcano, and we saw tons of waterfalls. Kauai is a very green island. Then we got lunch to go and ate at the beach before going on the tour of Allerton Garden. This is an enormous botanical garden with all sorts of flora from all over the world, collected by the Allertons via steamship back in the day. They were also really into statues and fountains. We had an incredible view of a beach with a river flowing down to it, with coconut palms along the side and cliffs rising over it covered with blooming bougainvilleas. Unfortunately that tour does not go down there, but a more expensive sunset one does, so maybe if we ever come back... There was a large rock in the river with a bridge leading to it, and it was also covered with bougainvilleas. Don't worry, I took a ton of photos. The tour took longer than we had expected, and we weren't sure we could get back to the Catholic church near our hotel in time for Mass, but just then we passed a sign advertising St. Raphael's, the oldest Catholic church on Kauai. We found it and explored its grounds, which include the old church, a Stations of the Cross walk up to a grotto, a small chapel, a Lourdes grotto, and the compound that includes the gift shop and the modern new church, which was open in the back. I do like fresh air, but getting it in church is kind of a strange concept to me. We ended the evening at a brew pub, trying a flight of their beers and some of their delicious food. It was the place to be, with lots of twentysomethings hanging out, but oddly the music was all 80's and older. So if you are looking for night life in Lihue, the Kauai Beer Company is the place to go.

Famous Hat

Friday, March 13, 2015

Near-Seal Experience

Today is Friday the 13th, but it was not an unlucky day. Travalon and I went to the Kauai Museum, which had Polynesian artifacts to interest me and World War II artifacts to interest him, then we drove west along the southern shore of Kauai. Our first stop was beautiful Poipu Beach, which has a sheltered area we were wading in, watching crabs scrambling across the volcanic rocks, when the lifeguard announced: "Please stay away from the seal!" We turned to see an actual seal swimming not forty feet away from us. Then it turned around and swam away again, but not before Travalon got a good shot of it which I will try to post at some point. We had lunch at a restaurant called Brennecke's Beach Grill across the street from the beach; we both had ahi tuna and banana drinks. Then we drove to the Kauai Coffee Museum, where we did a walking tour of the plantation grounds and then had iced coffee. A word of warning: their gift shop has lots of great stuff, and we spent too much money there. As we continued west and then north, we saw horses tied up at intervals along the highway, five in all. That was sort of random. Our final destination was Polihale State Park, which was at the end of a long dirt road that kept getting narrower and rougher. Finally we arrived at a beach full of sand dunes, with mountains to the north and off to the southwest, two islands in the distance. The waves were enormous, and we got quite wet wading out into them. The wind was so fierce that it actually pulled on my earring enough to hurt my earlobe. We were enchanted by the idea of a beach named Barking Sands but never did find the road to get to it. The drive back was even more beautiful with the sun setting behind us, as we drove past tons of bougainvilleas and all sorts of other flowers. We ended the evening at an organic restaurant called the Coco Cafe which was so good that I will give them a five-star review on Yelp, if I can remember my password. Their Tahitian lemonade, made with fresh coconuts and lemons, was the most amazing beverage I've ever tasted. So it was a pretty lucky Friday the 13th!

Famous Hat

Kayaking on the Wailea River

Yesterday almost all of us who had gone to the wedding drove in two rented vans up to the North Shore of Oahu, where we had lunch at a shrimp truck, then we stopped at a beach and played in the enormous waves. None of us surf, but plenty of people were surfing there. Our last stop was the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is run by Brigham Young University of Hawaii. It was an outdoor theme park with little villages set up representing various Polynesian islands, and they would each have a 20-minute show, then you would go down the road to the next one. We watched the shows for Samoa, the Maori, Fiji, and Tahiti. The young Polynesian college students who performed were extremely beautiful; I don't know if that's a function of age or ethnicity. Then we went to a luau and watched a big show at the end of the evening. I would highly recommend the Polynesian Cultural Center to anyone visiting Oahu.

Today we flew to Kauai. It wasn't a very long flight; it took exactly one rosary. We rented a car here and set off to find adventure. There was something called the Fern Grotto on the Wailea River that sounded cool, and we headed off to find the outfit that had boat rides out to it with live Hawaiian music on board. Somehow we ended up at a different outfit that offered to rent us a "canoe," which turned out to be the cheapest plastic two-man kayak we'd ever seen. We gamely rented it and paddled out to the disembarking spot, which was very well laid out for the big boats but terrible for kayaks. I tied the kayak to a tree hanging over the river and stepped out... into water up to my neck. I'd already taken my shoes off, fortunately, so I didn't bother putting them back on as we trudged up the path to the Fern Grotto. It was a very beautiful grotto with a small waterfall and lots of colorful plants, including ferns hanging upside down from the rock. So that was our adventure for the day. We also stopped along the way to see a big waterfall. Back at our resort, we explored the pools and hot tubs set amid fake waterfalls and real palm trees, then we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Kauai is very beautiful, with lush vegetation and craggy mountains, and there are chickens everywhere, but I had shrimp for dinner.

Famous Hat

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hawaiian Wedding

Sorry for my lack of blogging yesterday. We were very busy, and of course it's like $7 for 10 minutes to blog here. Yesterday morning we got up very early and went to Pearl Harbor, where we toured the Arizona Memorial. It was very sobering to realize about 1800 men cut off in the prime of their lives were lying beneath us. You could see parts of the ship below the water, and it is still leaking oil almost 70 years later. We even met two survivors from that "day that will live in infamy," and Travalon went kind of nuts in the gift shop. I will hopefully post a photo of myself with the two veterans at some point, so watch for that. Then we had a tour of downtown Hawaii, including the state capital and royal palace.

In the afternoon we went to Travalon's friend's wedding. He teaches English in Japan, and his bride is Japanese but his family lives in Wisconsin, so Hawaii is a good in-between point, besides being a beautiful spot for a wedding. They got married at a Methodist church in a brief ceremony, and there was not best man or bridesmaid, since that's the Japanese tradition, but Travalon and the bride's best friend did sign as witnesses. The groom wore a white shirt and a lei, and the bride wore a white dress and veil as brides usually do back in Wisconsin. The groom said his vows in English, and the bride said hers in Japanese, but for whatever reason a woman played the piano through the whole thing so it was hard to hear. Another woman sang in Hawaiian. Then we went to the reception at the Kahana Resort, and wow was this place amazing! Tons of famous people have stayed there. They had a lagoon in the back with dolphins, fish just like the ones we saw while snorkeling, and big stingrays. It was right on the ocean. Don't worry, Travalon and I took lots of pictures. Our dinner was on the lanai (porch) and was of course delicious. Then we went back to the bride's hotel room, where I spoke a little French to her and her Taiwanese friend, who are both fluent. (They met while studying in Toulouse.) We all bonded over singing; Travalon did a mean Elvis Presley imitation, and I sang "Fly Me to the Moon," which the Japanese people knew the tune to. They sang us a song which we sing to the words, "The other day I saw a bear, a great big bear..." and it turns out that's what they were singing too! We stayed up way too late and woke up at 8:00 this morning instead of our usual 4:00 am, so we must be adjusted to Island Time.

Today we are going to the North Shore, the Polynesian Cultural Center, and possibly a luau, so I'll try to blog about how all that went soon.

Famous Hat

Monday, March 9, 2015

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

I don't have much time to blog, since time on the computer here is very expensive. Travalon and I flew to Denver, then we flew west, over fascinating landscape and boring ocean, until we hit some turbulence. That was exciting, but not in a good way. Finally we landed in beautiful Honolulu. Everything here is as beautiful as I'd imagined: the beaches, the palm trees, the mountains. Travalon and I had dinner outside at a tiki bar overlooking the ocean, then we took a walk along the beach. There was a festival going on with a parade that went on for hours and a big fireworks display at the end.

Today we woke up around 4 am because of jet lag. We had breakfast at sunrise overlooking the beach, then we took a long walk along the beach, and then we went to Hanauma Bay to snorkel. This was the best snorkeling I've ever done, with tons of different varieties of very beautiful and surprisingly friendly fish. The bay has cliffs around it, and from the top of the cliff you look down on palm trees and turquoise water. It really was paradise!

Sorry this is so brief. More soon!

Famous Hat

Friday, March 6, 2015

Losing My Favorite Boss

Sorry for my lack of posting this week. I have been very busy preparing for my upcoming trip to Hawaii, so watch for posts from there. Also, I haven’t been sure what to blog about. Back when Light Bright was my office mate, she supplied me with plenty of material, but now I only see her once a month or so. The Sock Puppets we worked with were another source of constant material, but my current coworkers are a great bunch who – and this is their only fault – don’t supply me with any blog material whatsoever. The one unfortunate note is that my immediate boss is leaving for a job in Washington DC, which is bad enough, but his last day will be while I am gone so I won’t get to say a proper goodbye. He was the best boss I ever had, the complete opposite of FOX at my last job. Of course, this added to the list of things I had to get done before leaving for Hawaii. I almost feel ready…

Famous Hat

Monday, March 2, 2015

Prairie Man's Birthday Party

Sorry for the long silence, but it has been crazy. How crazy? I can barely remember Friday night! We had a “surprise” birthday party for Prairie Man (I’m pretty sure he knew it was going to happen), and Travalon picked out a book for him about some Duke vs. Kentucky game in the 90’s that was huge for college basketball fans. He also got a Christmas cactus and some other random stuff that I can’t remember now. Catzookz, Twins Fan, OK Cap, Jilly Moose, and of course his wife Luxuli were there, as well as Cecil Markovitch and the single B-Boy, Rich, Kathbert, Travalon, and me. Luxuli made amazing salmon and both cooked spinach and spinach salad, while Catzookz brought another salad, so we definitely got our daily allowance of vegetables that night! Rich made an angel food cake from Kathbert’s recipe, and she separated the eggs for him, so it was a joint effort.

Saturday the Rosary Ladies got together for coffee and the rosary, then Travalon and I had lunch at the new Kabul location, which is lovely but not handicapped accessible. Is that even allowed these days? We met up with the Daughter of Denni and a bunch of other people (including Denni himself) at the Stifskeller in the Union, where we drank beer and were going to play Cards Against Humanity but just ended up talking. In the evening we went to see The Kingsman, which someone aptly described as Quentin Tarantino meets James Bond, with Catzookz, Twins Fan, a friend of theirs, OK Cap, and Jilly Moose. The movie was very violent but definitely entertaining. The plot, about a madman trying to wipe out most of humanity to stave off global warming, was ludicrous but certainly original.

Yesterday at brunch we were joined by a guy who’s relatively new to town; he moved here from Omaha, so he and Travalon were talking about Cornhusker football. All I know about Omaha is that it is supposed to have a wonderful zoo. Tiffy and I have driven by it on the highway, but we have never stopped there. Suddenly I remembered it was a very sad anniversary – the sixth anniversary of Mr. Why’s death – so in the afternoon Rich, Kathbert, Pete the Sailor Man, and I went to Mr. Why’s grave, which as always we could not find because it was covered with snow. This time we tried really hard to find it, and we uncovered a bunch of graves, but we never did find his. Rich says we’ll have to put a tracker on it when the weather is good. In the evening the Japanese professor who often comes to visit Rich, his graduate student who comes with him, and three undergrad girls made Japanese food at Rich’s house for dinner, while Kathbert made pudding from the leftover egg yolks from making Prairie Man’s angel food cake. Pete the Sailor Man, Prairie Man, Luxuli, and I also enjoyed dinner with them; Travalon stopped by but wanted to get home to watch the season finale of Downton Abbey, so he left before dinner was served. Catzookz had wanted me to hide a little hot pink teddy bear with a T-shirt that says “Aquarius” in plain sight on Rich’s piano, so we could see how long it would take him to notice. Of course Kathbert spotted it right away, but who knows how long Rich might have gone without noticing if he hadn’t walked in while we were discussing it? Oh well, it was a fun game while it lasted.

Famous Hat