Monday, February 29, 2016

Another Fine Lenten Weekend

Another fine Lenten weekend, and Travalon and I went for fish fry. We had sort of left Friday evening open because it was Prairie Man’s birthday, but nothing materialized, so we headed to St. Peter’s in Ashton for their fish fry. However, the line was unbelievably long so we went to a new place in Middleton called Max’s Farm Fresh Table, because Travalon had read a good review of it in the Isthmus. Max himself came out to say hi and even gave us chocolate chip cookies! We are intrigued by other things on the menu, so we will be back.

Saturday Travalon had to work, so I met Rich and a woman from Colombia for coffee, and Jilly Moose and OK Cap soon joined us. We Rosary Ladies went to SERRV, the fair trade store, where I stocked up on earrings, and then we prayed a rosary in the library of my church. Tiffy came to visit, and she, Travalon, and I had a late lunch at Nau-Ti-Gal, then we went for a walk to enjoy the glorious day. In the evening Travalon headed to Milwaukee to see a Led Zeppelin tribute band called Zoso, while Tiffy and I went to the Union Theater to see a Baroque music concert by a group called Red Priest. They were not the most orthodox musicians, but I am no purist, so I enjoyed their Toccata and Fugue in D Minor played on four instruments, as well as their reductionist version of parts of Messiah. The group consisted of a violinist who is also a Cape Breton fiddler (and so he threw in gigs and reels at random times), a recorder player who had a dizzying variety of instruments, including a harmonica, a cellist who was the only woman in the group, and a harpsichordist. I got the tickets as a thank you for donating to our local radio station.

Sunday I went to Mass alone, since Travalon had stayed at his friend’s house and gone to Mass at his old childhood parish. Since he had been sick the week before, people were afraid he was REALLY sick, but I said no, he’s fine, just out of town. Rich and I went to brunch with the choir, then he examined my car Noelle because she is making a really funny sound, but he determined it is nothing serious. In the late afternoon Travalon and I went to our friends' house and played that game again where I am a bard named Iconostasia, and apparently I am also a killing machine, because I quickly dispatched two guys and an orc. Since I had eaten like a pig, I had to run through the whole Badger basketball game (which Travalon had taped) and most of the Republican debate to burn off all those calories. It may sound crazy, but I do really like running in place while watching TV with Travalon. Maybe someday I will even get in shape from doing it…

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Believe?

Today I was home  sick with a cold, but I did dial into a conference call. Unfortunately I do not know how to mute my cell phone, so the other people were no doubt treated to a lot of coughing. I also looked at the big book on music that Travalon gave me for Valentine's Day, and the first thing I read appeared to be inaccurate. It was about Vivaldi and involved his birth order, not anything to do with music really, but it made me wonder about the rest of the book. What do you think, readers? If the first fact you find in a book seems to contradict everything else you have ever read, even if it has nothing to do with the basic content of the book, would you trust any of the rest of it? It is a very large book full of very many facts that I couldn't easily verify, although now with the internet it is easier to look things up. Then again, how accurate are things on the internet? This book was published by the Smithsonian, so you would think it was trustworthy, so does that mean all the other sources I read (good old-fashioned books back in the days before the internet) were wrong? I guess what it comes down to is, who can you trust? Maybe it doesn't matter if Vivaldi was the oldest or the youngest kid in his family, or even smack in the middle (which nobody has claimed yet), but then how can I trust the information I know even less about? Oh, I am so confused!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hangin' Out with Zoe

While OK Cap is on vacation, she asked Travalon and me to take care of her cat Zoe. Since we are both animal lovers, we didn't mind, and Travalon particularly misses spending time with a cat ever since Callie died. OK Cap had said that Zoe wasn't a very friendly cat, but from our short visits to fill her food and water dish and scoop out her litter box, we could see that she was lonely so tonight we went over there and hung out for a while. We both have colds, so I didn't go to work or Irish class today, and I'm so stuffy that a little cat allergy would hardly faze me. Travalon and I walked in the door, and Zoe immediately greeted us. She was clearly starved for attention, so we sat on the couch, and she sat between us and let us pet her. We stayed there for about three quarters of an hour, until she got tired of us and walked away. We took that as our cue to go home. It was fun hanging out with a beautiful Siamese cat for a little bit, and we'll be seeing her again very soon.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Muppet Show Weekend

This was a very quiet weekend for Travalon and me, since he is suffering from a cold. He had bought a DVD of Season One of The Muppet Show, and we watched the first half of that on Friday night while I ran in place. Saturday morning I went over to Light Bright’s house to meet her three-month-old son, who was very cute and smiley when I got there. We took him for a walk, and he didn’t like that much, so he started to fuss. We went home, and he fell asleep on her as we talked, then he ate and was cute and smiley again. Light Bright said, “This is the endless cycle.” After that, Travalon and I took Rodney for a walk in Pheasant Branch, since it was such a beautiful day for this time of year, and in the evening we went to a Knights of Columbus smelt fry with Cecil Markovitch, Antoshka, and Richard Bonomo. I ate so much smelt, popcorn shrimp, and cheesy potatoes (not to mention the homemade desserts!) that I had to run for a total of ten miles while we watched the second half of The Muppet Show. It really was a funny show, very random and with lots of adult jokes that I didn’t get back when it was first on TV. Sunday was another quiet day, although I did pray the rosary and then go on a walk with Luxuli. The other Rosary Ladies are down in Arizona right now. Travalon said I should blog about watching The Muppet Show, and really, that is about all I have to blog about regarding this weekend. Last night I ran in place while watching Downton Abbey. Getting enough exercise to satisfy this health app is a real pain sometimes, but it seems to be working – the scale says I am down fifteen pounds!

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Afternoon Musings

At times like this I really miss Light Bright, because on Friday afternoons we would go on a long walk to deliver mail to the other building, and along the way we would talk about silly things that almost always led to a creative blog post for me. Today she texted me to ask how long I had been gone, and I realized it will be three years in June. Was that when this blog took a turn for the boring? Maybe I should have given her cowriter status on the blog before that, though I did always give her credit for her ideas. The only remotely interesting thing that happened to me today was that I got a thank you card from my Irish teacher, which is of course all in Irish and handwritten to boot, so I’m not 100% sure what it says. I also had a dental appointment, and they took eighteen x-rays of my mouth. Eighteen! Is that even safe?? If I glow tonight, you’ll know why. On the plus side, they did say my mouth looked very healthy and that I was at a very low risk for cavities. I thought it was funny that the hygienist took all those x-rays and then took my blood pressure, which by then was slightly elevated. Nothing dangerous, but higher than it usually is. But who wouldn’t have their blood pressure go up after having those things you have to bite down on stuck in their mouth eighteen times? I mean, who doesn’t have their blood pressure go up after torture, even if you know it’s torture for your own good? Grammar Check wants to change the “it’s” in that last sentence to “its,” which is not grammatically correct, but then that sentence is very strange, starting in the third person plural and ending in the second person singular, although that is how we speak colloquially in English. How anyone ever learns this language is beyond me. From playing around on Duolingo, I have decided that Irish is a very strange language, but English is far stranger.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Photos of Rich's Party

Sorry for not blogging yesterday - I just completely forgot. To make it up to you, I will post some photos from Rich's birthday party. First are a bunch of shots of the space pictures Kathbert, Travalon, and I hung up, as well as the banner Travalon had made.

Note the space alien in that last photo - very fitting for a space-themed party! These next photos are of Bahama Bob the steel drum player, and Rich wearing his banana leaf hat, which is older than I am.

Here is a picture of the cake I made, which is supposed to look like a rocket ship:

And finally, two videos: Bahama Bob playing the steel drum, and Rich blowing out the candles on his cake.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Rich's Epic 60th Birthday Party

This was a most excellent weekend, although Friday night I was mostly making a really big cake that looked like a rocket ship. Plus one of the cakes kind of fell apart when I took it out of the pan. I do have photos and will post them, maybe tomorrow. As it turned out, we only ate half the cake, so I could have gotten away with baking one cake, but leftovers are not a bad thing… except maybe during Lent.

Saturday was Richard Bonomo’s epic 60th birthday party. The theme was the Space Race, and Kathbert had borrowed lots of cool photos from the Space Place, while Travalon had made a giant banner that says: “Welcome to Cape Canaveral.” He had even gotten some old Life magazines from an antique store, so we made color copies of the coolest photos and hung those up too. We were planning to start the party at noon with lunch from David’s Jamaican, but by one, when the steel drum guy (Bahama Bob) showed up, not many people had arrived yet, so we hadn’t dug into the food. Bahama Bob set up in Rich’s sunny solarium, with a sign that said: “Beach” pointing due south, a beach umbrella, and a fake parrot on a swing. People sat in the family room to listen, but I danced on the floor of the solarium, and soon people had joined me, or had gone up into the loft to dance up there. Yes, it was a two-level party! Tiffy even got us all to make a giant conga line, with Rich leading us through the living room, dining room, and kitchen. There is now a video of said conga line on MyFace, so I will try to figure out if I can link to it or copy it or something to post on this blog. Bahama Bob had a long list of songs he plays, and everyone had a request. Everyone had a good time, even Bahama Bob, who emailed me today to say our party was the most fun one he has ever played at. Then we did dive into the food, and after everyone had eaten, we called the Mothership so she could tell us funny stories about Rich’s childhood at roughly the times key events had happened during the Space Race. Then we sang her Happy Birthday because it was her actual birthday; Rich’s was actually the day before. When we brought in the rocket cake, we counted down and lit all the candles at the bottom of the cake to be the flame behind the rocket – that was Kathbert’s idea. Rich got a number of presents, including a Prince Valiant book from Travalon (since he is the only one we know who reads that comic strip), and a group gift of “space pants” (Gore-Tex pants) and a star in Aquarius named after him. At that point most of the people left, but some of us hung out drinking wine and/or tea, and then a second wave of people came in the late afternoon. Travalon and I left around eight, and then I had to run in place for seven miles to burn off all those calories. (I had already gone three miles from dancing to Bahama Bob.) But I did it – I burned off 777 extra calories!

Yesterday was a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Travalon, Tiffy, and I went to brunch at Cento off of State Street, then we went to a chocolate shop called the Red Elephant, and they gave us red carnations and free chocolates with our purchase of fancy chocolates. It was snowing big fluffy flakes, and the ground looked like it was covered with sugar. Travalon and I went to the Garden Expo, since I had gotten free tickets for helping set up a booth there, and he was delighted to discover it wasn’t just plants, but there were lots of free samples of food, and lots of books. We even saw Prairie Man there, as well as a number of other people I know. Then Travalon and I had a romantic dinner at Inka Heritage, and then we stopped by Rich’s place and chatted with him and Antoshka for a few minutes before stopping at the Nau-Ti-Gal for White Russians. They had a Love Stinks party there on Thursday, and the bartender was showing us photos from it – he even played the guitar with the band AND baked and decorated the cupcakes! A truly multitalented man! There are a lot of calories in a White Russian, so with our delicious dinner and all that chocolate, I had to burn off over 600 calories. I did it, though. Here’s hoping today I don’t have to run in place for ten miles to stay under my calorie count!

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Celtic Linguistics

The phrase we had engraved on our Irish teacher’s decanter was this: Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste, ná Béarla cliste, broken Irish is better than clever English. If you are wondering how this breaks down, a literal word-for-word translation is this: “is better Irish broken, than English clever.” Irish always has the verb first in the sentence, and they don’t even have a word for “to have” – they say “A car is at me” rather than “I have a car.” Or actually, “is a car at me,” because of course the verb must come first. One of the things I gave up for Lent is listening to music in the car, so I am planning to listen to my Irish CDs and getting the sound of the language in my ear. However, what I am listening to at the moment is the Welsh CD that Travalon gave me for Christmas. There isn’t a lot of overlap between Irish and Welsh, despite their both being Celtic languages, but they do both seem to have the verb first in the sentence, and every once in a while they say a word in Welsh that is very similar to one in Irish, like their words for “beach” and “time” seem to be very close. However, it does seem like Welsh may have a verb for “to have,” so that is one difference between them. I think I have gotten the numbers in Welsh so far. It turns out you can study it on Duolingo, the online language learning program, so maybe after I master Irish, I will take a stab at Welsh. They keep promising they will soon have Hungarian, which is what Travalon is waiting for, but so far it isn't on the site yet.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Four Fine Photos

Once again I have nothing to say, so here are some pictures I recently took. First is Ethel's drink at the luncheon after her father's funeral. I love how the bartender made a cross out of cherries, but it was a Knights of Columbus hall, after all.

Next are a couple of shots from Saturday night, when Travalon and I were out on the town. First we saw this show for the Lunar New Year through the window of a sushi restaurant.

Then we went to the samba show to celebrate Carnaval, which is Brazilian Mardi Gras. Here is a shot of the inside of the Majestic Theater, decorated for the show.

Finally, this morning I saw this shadow cast by the light post by our condo onto the garage across the way, and I thought it looked like a Celtic cross.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Not Headless for Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras! Today at Irish class we gave our teacher a present: good Irish whiskey and a decanter that is engraved with an expression in Irish that means: "Better broken Irish than perfect English." Of course I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was something like: Nios fearr briste Gaeilge na foirfe bearla, only it rhymed, plus Spellcheck keeps trying to "correct" my Irish. I'll find the actual expression and put it into a subsequent post.

Travalon went to New Orleans Take Out and got shrimp creole for me and fried oysters and shrimp for himself to celebrate Mardi Gras. We also had dirty rice and cornbread. I was afraid that with the treats I had at work I would have gone over my calorie count for the day, but I ran through most of Ant-Man (a very entertaining movie) and managed to burn off all those calories. Of course I forgot to wear any of my Mardi Gras beads, but Handy Woman lent me a strand so I wasn't completely beadless today. And I love that Spellcheck tried to change that to headless. Though it is true, I was not completely headless today.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl L

Did my readers have a good weekend? I had a really fun one, starting with Friday night, when Travalon went to watch high school basketball. I brought four pizzas over to Richard Bonomo’s house to share with him, Kathbert, Jilly Moose, and Antoshka. After all that pizza, Jilly Moose and I needed to burn off a LOT of calories – she showed me how to scan the bar code on the pizza box to get the calorie information in our health app – so we had a dance party right in Rich’s living room. Antoshka provided some background music and kind of made fun of us, but he was so entertaining about it that we just laughed. We all said he could be the next Richard Simmons, but he didn’t know who that was, so Rich showed him a video, and he did a great impression. It was so much fun, and Jilly Moose and I did manage to burn off all our calories.

Saturday Travalon had to work, but we had time to go out for coffee before he had to head in, and then I met Jilly Moose and OK Cap for lunch at the Great Dane. Travalon and I went back to Sauk to see eagles, but this weekend we had no luck. In the evening we went to the Tipsy Cow for dinner (the goat cheese curds are so amazing!), then we had some time before our show started, so we went to what Travalon thought was a sports bar called Woofs. As soon as I walked in, I realized our mistake: I was the only woman in the place, and the walls were covered with pictures of hot young men with barely any clothes on. Once we were outside, we realized the “Open” sign was rainbow, so that should have been our first clue it was a gay bar. We went to the Argus Bar instead, which is a lovely old pub. The show was a Brazilian Carnaval concert with lots of samba music, and I danced so hard that I worked off those cheese curds (per my health app), but the dancers weren’t going to perform until 12:30 and we were tired so we left just before midnight.

Sunday morning we overslept and missed our usual Mass, so we went to the nearby church at a later time and then headed to Cross Plains for lunch at Coach’s. Travalon is doing a survey of all the local places serving chicken wings, and he says so far they are the winners. Then we went back to Sauk but still didn’t see any eagles. We did, however, see one of the other people from my Irish class. We drove to the Crystal Lake resort for a quick drink (I had water – do you know how many calories are in a beer??), and then we went for an invigorating hike on the Ice Age Trail with Rodney. We watched the Super Bowl at home, and I indulged in some pizza and a beer, but boy – calories! I had to walk/run through quite a bit of the game to work it all off! We both felt the officiating was biased against Carolina, and some other people I’ve talked to agreed. The refs called Carolina for every little thing but let Denver get away with some pretty egregious stuff. Plus the ads weren’t really all that entertaining this year. Travalon felt that for the 50th Super Bowl they should have had a halftime act that had been around for 50 years, like the Rolling Stones, but of course they had more hip hop type artists. Today people were saying that Cam Newton, Carolina’s quarterback, was a poor loser because in a post-game interview he just said, “They played better than we did.” What did they want him to say? What is there to say when you lose the biggest game of your career? I think people should cut him some slack. If you just lost the Super Bowl, would you really want to talk about it? Plus, can I just state how lame it is that they decided to forego Roman numerals for the Super Bowl when it would have been a simple one this year? Super Bowl L, not XXVII where you have to do math to figure out what the heck it is.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Badger Basketball vs. Ohio State

Last night Travalon and I went to the men’s Badger Basketball game. I had gotten free tickets by redeeming points from my credit card (the first time I had actually tried to redeem them for anything), but Travalon said they were the worst possible seats in the whole place, in the back row on the top tier and right behind the basket. He did gamely bring his binoculars, but then we saw a guy selling tickets in front of the Kohl Center who said he would give us two seats together for a good deal, so Travalon bought them. They were very good seats, on a corner on the second level so you could see the court really well. The Badgers played Ohio State, and for the first fifteen minutes or so nobody sat in the seats next to me, so I put my coat there. Suddenly two people arrived, saying, “Traffic was so bad!” so I moved my coat, but I didn’t notice until almost the end of the game that my hat had fallen beneath the guy’s seat. I thought for several sad minutes that I would have to walk all the long, cold way back to the car without a hat. The guy was a Baby Boomer white guy who kept making sort of patronizing comments about Nigel Hayes’s abilities, how he wasn’t shooting well and he was missing easy shots. For the record, Nigel Hayes shot 21 points last night, the leader of the team. I felt like there was something vaguely racist about an older white guy making those kinds of comments about a young black guy, a sort of plantation mentality “My ni**er isn’t performing for me!” attitude, but maybe I was reading too much into it. Anyway, other than the guy’s running commentary about Hayes’s subpar performance (and what would have made him happy, 51 points???), it was a really fun game. I did feel a little weird about the expensive lighting in the Kohl Center, like think how many kids in Third World countries could be fed and vaccinated with that money, and is a fancy light show really necessary when the game would be just as exciting on a simple outdoor basketball court? Maybe I am looking for problems where none exist, seeing wasteful spending and racist attitudes where everyone else just sees a good time. Why? Am I an inherently negative person? I didn’t think so… Anyway, I did really enjoy the game, and yes, the Badgers won by 11 points. Thanks to Hayes, of course.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Too Restless for Pandora

I have gotten back into listening to Pandora, the online music program, at work, and today is my Irish roots music day, but for some reason they intersperse a lot of zydeco on that station. I guess, why not? Irish jigs and reels are as fast-paced as zydeco. However, I have realized my current job is not that conducive to listening to Pandora, because I am up and down and in and out a lot, which means I either have to pause the music or risk missing something good. Truly, I am not one for sitting still. At my last job, Light Bright and I would spend at least an hour a day wandering, under the guise of “going to the other building to deliver mail,” and I do miss that. It was when we used to come up with topics for me to blog about. At my current job we only have one building, and it is not that big either, but going up two flights of stairs is easier to deal with than going up seventeen, and so I do stairs a lot more at this job. Also, I have an office at one end of the building but regularly have to go do bookkeeping stuff in the accountant’s office at the other end of the building, and of course there are my hourly trips to the restroom and/or water fountain. This must be why, according to my iPhone, I travel two miles a day on an average day at work, not even including the mile walk at lunch. Imagine what kind of mileage I got at my old job! I must not be the kind of person they had in mind when they created Pandora.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Watching Classic Television Shows

Travalon wanted me to blog about the TV shows from the 60’s and 70’s that we have been watching. We discovered we get two stations that show “classic shows,” so we have been watching things like I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Hogan's HeroesThe Barney Miller Show, and Taxi. One thing that strikes me about these shows is that people seem to be a lot nicer to each other, for the most part, than they are on today’s TV shows. This was especially true on an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show I caught one night. Why is that? Were people just nicer back then? Did they care more about each other? Or do shows now depict how people really are and that was an idealized version of life? Of course, the show from now that I watch the most is Downton Abbey, and drama is their whole schtick, so you can't have people being too nice to each other or there would be no show.  

Yesterday Travalon and I watched some game shows, and I noticed that they tended to have one white team and one black team. When the questions were more from white culture, the white teams did better, but when they were more from black culture, the black teams did better. I thought they had better ask a very even mix, if they wanted things to be fair. Oddly, although I am the whitest person I know, the black culture questions were easier for me. Maybe I don’t fit neatly into any culture!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Candlemas

Happy Candlemas to my readers! How did I celebrate this Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord? Not by going to Mass, although as it turns out, I easily could have. Today was supposed to be marked by a heavy snowstorm, so I asked for the day off of work. However, this morning everything was clear as could be, so Travalon and I ventured out for coffee. Around ten the snow started to fall heavily, and I thought, "Ah, I was wise to stay home, after all!" There was even thundersnow, and apparently some people saw lightning. However, by one the snow had tapered off again, so Travalon and I went to the Willows for their $2 Tuesday tacos. Then we went home and watched The Lion King, which was a surprisingly appropriate choice for today, because the presentation of the cub is prominently featured in the movie. It does seem as if the movie could be a metaphor for Christ's life in some ways, because after the presentation, Simba leads a hidden life until he is called upon to save his people, er, lions. Though he doesn't have to die for them, he does risk his life to save them from evil. Anyway, that was our "snow day" today. Watch - the weather will be worse tomorrow, but they will really look at me askance if I take two days off of work for nonexistent weather conditions!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Ethel's Father's Funeral and Women's Basketball

Happy February! January is finally over! Is it just me, or does it feel like the longest month? Years ago I used to get an email that said what day of the year it was, and when I told my boss at the time that it was the 40th day of the year that day, he quipped, “It’s January 40th!” Sometimes it sure feels like January is forty days long…

Friday evening Travalon went to his hometown to watch basketball, so I hung out with Rich, Kathbert, and Antoshka. I brought broccoli to our dinner, and Rich cooked the biggest slab of salmon I have ever seen. It took so long to cook that we were noshing on pistachios while waiting, which pushed my fat intake for the day over my recommended amount, according to the Drill Sergeant, i.e., the health app. I seem to go over on fat every day, even though I manage to stay under my total caloric allowance. Nuts and avocados really have a lot of fat!

Saturday Travalon had to work. Rich and I drove to Milwaukee to attend the funeral of the father of my old friend Ethel, the one I got stuck on a roof in Rouen with. Her brother, who is a priest, was the main celebrant, which was touching because he cried a little during it but not so much that it interrupted the proceedings. This man had nine children (Ethel is the youngest), and two became priests, but the others all had kids, and some of them had a LOT of kids. Some of those kids are having kids now, so the deceased had over a hundred children and grandchildren. A friend of his told us he learned one thing that interested each grandchild so he could talk to them about their interest, and they wouldn’t feel like a faceless part of the crowd. He was in the Air Force, so the burial was with full military honors. It was a happy funeral, if such a thing could be said, because he had so many descendants to mourn him and we all felt pretty sure about which direction he was going. Rich and I stayed for the luncheon and then headed home. Meanwhile, Travalon went back to Sauk and saw three bald eagles this time. In the evening we went to the Nau-Ti-Gal, and the bartender was trying to talk me into doing the Paint Night for this month, which is painting a set of wine glasses. How about it, Rosary Ladies? Anyone interested?

Yesterday OK Cap and I went to the women’s basketball game, which was very crowded because it was only a dollar to go, and Luxuli joined us after working on some computer problems. The women lost pretty badly to Michigan State, but it was a fun game anyway, and the a capella group MadHatters performed during halftime. In the evening all the Rosary Ladies and our husbands went to dinner at Liliana’s, since it was the last possible day I could use my birthday month coupon for an order of free beignets. Since each order is three beignets, OK Cap ordered another round so each of us got one. Then, of course, Travalon and I went home and watched Downton Abbey. It was a shocking episode because the Earl of Grantham almost died after puking up blood all over the dinner table. Apparently the actor was so good at projecting the stuff out of his mouth that he got it all over his “wife’s” vintage dress on the other side of the table, which made for quite a display. However, the dress is from the 1920’s and made of beads, and when they tried to clean it for a subsequent scene, it sort of disintegrated. If you have not seen the show, the clothes are amazing. I just love flapper-era fashions! 

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