Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Contentious Condo Association Meeting

Last night we had a very contentious condo association meeting, which in itself is weird because in the past they have been very placid affairs. However, two factions had developed among our neighbors, and women from both factions would give Travalon and me treats and booze to try to win us over to their side. Seriously, our neighbors have never paid this much attention to us! I suppose one faction will think we are traitors for not voting for their candidate for the board, but it would have happened either way we voted. Things got really contentious because the bylaws had a weird rule that you could use all your votes for one candidate, which seems kind of nuts, so there was a vote to change that. People who do not even live in our association but are romantically involved with residents got up and made speeches, even though they were told this was inappropriate. It was getting really tense, but after the vote for the board, the losing candidate seemed to take it graciously. Hopefully this weird divide does not remain among the residents of our association. I honestly don’t even know what caused it.

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