Friday, November 21, 2014

The Marriage Oranges

Sorry for the lack of blogging the last two days. Wednesday I was home sick, and then yesterday I was busy getting caught up from having a day off. Today it is very cold out, but I am so happy. It must be time for another oranges song. This is the “Marriage Oranges”:

I love having a lover and a friend,
I love hanging out together every weekend,
I love having someone to come home to,
And Travalon, I love you!

I love our home that we take care of together,
I love walking Rodney, even in the bad weather,
I love that you don’t mind my jungle and my zoo,
And Travalon, I love you!

I love that you clean out the rabbit’s cage,
Even when she nips at you in her bunny rage,
I love that you always do the laundry too,
And Travalon, I love you!

I love when you cook dinner for me,
I love cooking dinner for you too, you see.
I love that you’ll eat broccoli, and kale too,
And Travalon, I love you!

I love that you don’t mind me dancing around
To hip hop music, which is not your favorite sound,
And you change the station when they play Pink Floyd, it’s true,
Oh Travalon, I love you!

Famous Hat


Travalon said...

Very sweet !!

Travalon said...

I wouldn't turn off Floyd for anyone else, I even don't mind your Salsa program on the radio Sat. late afternoons. Marriage is give and take.

Travalon said...

" All in all its' just another brick in the wall"

There doesn't appear to be any ban on written Pink Floyd lyrics on this blog, so why not? - LOL.

-Love you too my dear sweet Famous Hat !