Monday, November 3, 2014

Japanese-Themed Halloween Party

Halloween evening Rich’s Japanese houseguest threw a dinner party to thank Rich for putting him and his colleague up while they were in town. Kathbert, Handy Woman, Luxuli, and Prairie Man were there as well as some other Japanese folks. I came early and handed out candy to Trick or Treaters; the cutest costume I saw was a little shark. Travalon came later with Rodney, who was not dressed in a costume but in a little doggy sweater. We had some great stuff, like Japanese curry and Kit Kat bars that are green tea-flavored instead of chocolate, and some wonderful green tea to wash it all down.

Saturday Travalon and I drove to Columbus with Rodney and went for a walk at Astico County Park, then we had dinner at the Nau-Ti-Gal. I guess that doesn’t make for very exciting reading on the blog, but it was a lot of fun to do. Our waiter thought we were crazy because we sat on the same side of the table instead of across from each other.

Yesterday after Mass and brunch, Travalon and I went to the zoo. Rich, Kathbert, and I used to spend many a Sunday afternoon at the zoo back when Rich lived mere blocks away, but I hadn’t been recently. They are building a big Arctic exhibit so half the zoo seems to be blocked for construction. Travalon likes the snake house, which doesn’t interest me too much, and we also went into the primate house, which I tend to avoid. Monkeys stink and are kind of creepy, in my opinion, but they did have ring-tail lemurs in there, and Travalon loves those. They are cute, a lot cuter than monkeys. We stopped at the ZuZu Café for pumpkin lattes afterwards. Got to exploit Pumpkin Spice Season while it is still here! When exactly does it end? Probably right after Thanksgiving, when everyone will switch over to Christmas flavors. If only they waited that long to switch over store displays and music…

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