Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Great Week, Except for Dieting

I have to be good now as far as diet goes, since Beer Week was kind of a bust that way. I am afraid to step on the scale! However, last night Travalon and I did go out for ice cream drinks, because a coworker he doesn’t like has, you know, “left to pursue other opportunities.” The bartender was very friendly, and he made a reservation for us for tomorrow, which is our anniversary. We get free dessert for the occasion. At least I will be good today, I thought… and then Handy Woman brought in a lemon almond cake. I asked what the occasion was, and she said she just liked to bake. I should have refrained, but man was it delicious! She is such a good baker. So I thought, after my last Irish class of the semester tonight, I will just go home and have a light dinner, maybe run off some calories… and then we found out A-Fooze is in town, so that almost certainly will entail more celebratory eating, and very little time for working off extraneous calories. I need to take up running extreme marathons to work off all the calories I am consuming lately!

Famous Hat

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