Thursday, May 11, 2017

Third Anniversary

Tuesday evening I saw A-Fooze, her parents, her sister, and her niece, who looks just like her sister. Travalon was happy to see them too, and he tried to speak a little Hungarian. Of course Rich made brownies, and Kathbert and my OTHER choir director came too. A-Fooze’s niece won a photography contest with a picture she took of a friend with her horse. She has a whole website of her photos – they are really good! She is seventeen.

Last night after I got home from band practice, Travalon and I went out for our anniversary. He has ordered a balalaika for me, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so he gave me a “meantime” present of a colorful rosary from Holy Hill. I had a “meantime” present for him of some books, since our tile will not be installed on the rooftop of the Monona Terrace for at least four months, but somehow I forgot to give them to him. We went to dinner at Mariner’s Inn, since it is twenty feet away from our condo, plus they gave us a coupon for free dessert for our anniversary. Then we came home and watched our wedding video. I always make Travalon watch it on our anniversary, and now we have seen it so many times that we end up talking through most of it, except during the really beautiful music, like Kathbert’s duet with Miss Heartsong. Still, I enjoy seeing it. Maybe we should have had the videographer record our reception too, but I thought that might be weird and intrusive for people, plus it was way more expensive than just recording the wedding Mass. However, I would have loved to have a video of Pa Hat’s speech and some of Lightbright’s band’s songs, and of course my first dance with Travalon as husband and wife. At least the photographer got lots of pictures of that!

Famous Hat

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