Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The 100 Day Challenge

I suppose many of the people (like there are that many) who read this blog have already seen my posts on social media, but why not put them here too? First is a photo of Richard Bonomo's "maximum fat" hot chocolate - with sprinkles!

And here is a beautiful orchid cactus we saw at the Olbrich Gardens conservatory:

Tomorrow I will try to post more photos. This post is about the 100 Day Challenge, something I remember hearing about where you post a video of yourself doing something not so well, and then you practice for 100 days and post a second video. Since I have all these instruments lying around, I am doing the 100 Day Challenge for three of them. First is the mountain dulcimer, and my attempt to play "Amazing Grace":

Next is my attempt to play a Russian folk tune called "Troika" on my new balalaika:

And finally, my attempt to play a piece of rebetiko music (sorry, I don't know the title) on the bouzouki. This is the piece I learned for Cecil Markovitch's birthday party.

Check back in 100 days to see if I have made any progress! That should be on or around the 30th of August.

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