Thursday, December 25, 2008

Confessions of an ePlush Addict, or Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Confessions of an ePlush addict: I am writing in my blog because right now I cannot get into ePlush World. Apparently every child in North America received an ePlush animal for Christmas, so when I tried to log in this morning to do my basic ePlush "Dayly Kare," the server was busy busy busy busy busy. So now I am writing in my sorely neglected blog, for all 3.68 of my faithful readers.

Mr. Why is here at Richard Bonomo's house for the holiday, and he just told us (Rich and me, that is) a story about one Christmas he spent in Nicaragua, where yellow school buses go to die. A bunch of them were on an old yellow school bus, traveling toward Costa Rica, and a tiny little native guy whipped out a miniscule pistol and tried to rob them all. The huge Texan guy sitting next to Mr. Why said in Spanish, "If you try anything funny, all of us big fat Americans will sit on you," and the small erstwhile thief jumped off that school bus and onto the one behind them, which he then proceeded to rob. Then they spent the night at a five-star hotel (which would only be three stars in this country, said Mr. Why), smoking Cuban cigars and drinking Cuban rum. The next day they went to an enormous lake with twin volcanoes emerging from it; using machetes, they forged their way to the top of one volcano and hiked down into the crater, where there was a small lake.

My father once told me a story when I was a young girl, which he now claims he NEVER told me: he went to a Catholic high school, and one of his classmates wrote his paper in alternating lines of black and very dark blue ink. The nun who read the paper was somewhat chronologically enhanced, and her eyes kept jumping from line to line, so she just gave up and gave him an A. I thought this was a fantastic story at the time, but I have my doubts now that it would really work. What do you think?

Last night during our "Midnight Mass" at Our Lady of Perpetual Sobriety (which is at the late, late hour of 5 pm), Rich and I were both thinking about the Exultet and the Easter Vigil, as we discovered afterwards. I have always thought Easter was cooler than Christmas anyhow; it's beautiful that Our Lord came down among us as one of us, but it totally rocks that he took down Death in the Great Smackdown of the Passion and Resurrection. Anyway, a very joyous and blessed Christmas to you and yours, and a happy and fortunate New Year.

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