Monday, December 8, 2008

Pro-Accordian, and I Vote!

Once a friend of mine randomly said, "Welcome to Heaven - here is your harp. Welcome to Hell - here is your accordion." (Later I found out she stole it from a Far Side strip.) I laughed for twenty minutes, but actually I do love the accordion. Polkas are OK, and that Mexican music that sounds like polka is OK, but think of all the great music played on the accordion!

Just last night I went out dancing to Cajun music with the accordion player from my contra dance band, and she was coveting the small button accordion of one of the Cajun band members. The accordion really makes the music, although she did note that it only had a one-octave range. It brought back memories of long ago, two and a half whole months to be exact, when I was wandering the streets of New Orleans and heard Cajun music blasting from every Cajuncrap tourist shop. Now anyone who knows anything about Louisiana knows that New Orleans is about Creole culture and jazz music, while Cajun culture is centered around Lafayette. However, most tourists must just think of things being "Louisianan" (is that a word?) so they throw everything together. Much like the Tropical Party they had on the cruise I went on: it was definitely pan-tropical! The only major tropical culture I didn't see represented was the Canary Islands, as a reggae band in Hawaiian shirts played and people danced the limbo while drinking rum out of coconuts under tiki torches. Unfortunately, accordions are not particularly tropical so there were none at that party. But if you get an accordion upon entering Hell, and Hell is warm like the tropics, then maybe it wouldn't be such a stretch to associate them....

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