Friday, October 31, 2014


My two most prolific commenters, Travalon and Hardingfele, have recently stopped commenting because of technical issues. Travalon can’t write a comment with an A in it because the A key on his computer stopped working. Hardingfele says every times she tries to log in to comment, somehow she is logged in as Rockstar Tailor, and she doesn’t know how to change it. So I am taking the liberty of writing comments for them:

Hardingfele (logged in as Rockstar Tailor): Food, beer, food. I’m getting fat just reading about it. If your lip balm smells funny to you, you’re probably pregnant.

Travalon: IP@s do have the best nmes, but they relly hve a bite. I’m looking forwrd to trying tht Squirrel Chser @le! The br in Merrill is clled Humphrey’s Br, it used to hve nother nme before that. The tile floor ws very cool nd historic.

Richard Bonomo, it's down to you. So far as I know, you don't have any technical challenges to keep you from commenting.

Famous Hat


Hardingfele said...

Maybe this time I can comment as me?

Richard Bonomo said...

It may be time for Travalon to disassemble and clean his keyboard!

Yes, Hardingfele, you managed to comment as yourself!

Famous Hat said...

From the elder Hats:

Sorry, but we can't comment because we don't BLOG.

One and a half of your 5.6 faithful readers.

Love, Ma and Pa Hat

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