Monday, March 2, 2015

Prairie Man's Birthday Party

Sorry for the long silence, but it has been crazy. How crazy? I can barely remember Friday night! We had a “surprise” birthday party for Prairie Man (I’m pretty sure he knew it was going to happen), and Travalon picked out a book for him about some Duke vs. Kentucky game in the 90’s that was huge for college basketball fans. He also got a Christmas cactus and some other random stuff that I can’t remember now. Catzookz, Twins Fan, OK Cap, Jilly Moose, and of course his wife Luxuli were there, as well as Cecil Markovitch and the single B-Boy, Rich, Kathbert, Travalon, and me. Luxuli made amazing salmon and both cooked spinach and spinach salad, while Catzookz brought another salad, so we definitely got our daily allowance of vegetables that night! Rich made an angel food cake from Kathbert’s recipe, and she separated the eggs for him, so it was a joint effort.

Saturday the Rosary Ladies got together for coffee and the rosary, then Travalon and I had lunch at the new Kabul location, which is lovely but not handicapped accessible. Is that even allowed these days? We met up with the Daughter of Denni and a bunch of other people (including Denni himself) at the Stifskeller in the Union, where we drank beer and were going to play Cards Against Humanity but just ended up talking. In the evening we went to see The Kingsman, which someone aptly described as Quentin Tarantino meets James Bond, with Catzookz, Twins Fan, a friend of theirs, OK Cap, and Jilly Moose. The movie was very violent but definitely entertaining. The plot, about a madman trying to wipe out most of humanity to stave off global warming, was ludicrous but certainly original.

Yesterday at brunch we were joined by a guy who’s relatively new to town; he moved here from Omaha, so he and Travalon were talking about Cornhusker football. All I know about Omaha is that it is supposed to have a wonderful zoo. Tiffy and I have driven by it on the highway, but we have never stopped there. Suddenly I remembered it was a very sad anniversary – the sixth anniversary of Mr. Why’s death – so in the afternoon Rich, Kathbert, Pete the Sailor Man, and I went to Mr. Why’s grave, which as always we could not find because it was covered with snow. This time we tried really hard to find it, and we uncovered a bunch of graves, but we never did find his. Rich says we’ll have to put a tracker on it when the weather is good. In the evening the Japanese professor who often comes to visit Rich, his graduate student who comes with him, and three undergrad girls made Japanese food at Rich’s house for dinner, while Kathbert made pudding from the leftover egg yolks from making Prairie Man’s angel food cake. Pete the Sailor Man, Prairie Man, Luxuli, and I also enjoyed dinner with them; Travalon stopped by but wanted to get home to watch the season finale of Downton Abbey, so he left before dinner was served. Catzookz had wanted me to hide a little hot pink teddy bear with a T-shirt that says “Aquarius” in plain sight on Rich’s piano, so we could see how long it would take him to notice. Of course Kathbert spotted it right away, but who knows how long Rich might have gone without noticing if he hadn’t walked in while we were discussing it? Oh well, it was a fun game while it lasted.

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Travalon said...

I think that anti-social loner Richard Bonomo needs to come out of his longtime hibernation or his shell and have some people over for dinner at least once in awhile. The guy's been a total hermit. Well if he prefers being alone, it's his life. LOL

Richard Bonomo said...

What can I say? If I were not such an extreme introvert, perhaps I could consider having crowds over more than once, twice, or thrice in a week on a more regular basis. :-))