Monday, March 9, 2015

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

I don't have much time to blog, since time on the computer here is very expensive. Travalon and I flew to Denver, then we flew west, over fascinating landscape and boring ocean, until we hit some turbulence. That was exciting, but not in a good way. Finally we landed in beautiful Honolulu. Everything here is as beautiful as I'd imagined: the beaches, the palm trees, the mountains. Travalon and I had dinner outside at a tiki bar overlooking the ocean, then we took a walk along the beach. There was a festival going on with a parade that went on for hours and a big fireworks display at the end.

Today we woke up around 4 am because of jet lag. We had breakfast at sunrise overlooking the beach, then we took a long walk along the beach, and then we went to Hanauma Bay to snorkel. This was the best snorkeling I've ever done, with tons of different varieties of very beautiful and surprisingly friendly fish. The bay has cliffs around it, and from the top of the cliff you look down on palm trees and turquoise water. It really was paradise!

Sorry this is so brief. More soon!

Famous Hat


Richard Bonomo said...

Hanauma Bay was our favorite beach during our 3 years on O'ahu. We often referred to it as "Bonomo Bay." I was too young (and not a swimmer at that point) to take advantage of the snorkeling. I think there is a 30-foot (or more) drop at the far side of the reef near the beach.

Famous Hat said...

You really should snorkel at "Bonomo Bay" if you get a chance, but maybe it can't compare to the Great Barrier Reef.