Friday, March 6, 2015

Losing My Favorite Boss

Sorry for my lack of posting this week. I have been very busy preparing for my upcoming trip to Hawaii, so watch for posts from there. Also, I haven’t been sure what to blog about. Back when Light Bright was my office mate, she supplied me with plenty of material, but now I only see her once a month or so. The Sock Puppets we worked with were another source of constant material, but my current coworkers are a great bunch who – and this is their only fault – don’t supply me with any blog material whatsoever. The one unfortunate note is that my immediate boss is leaving for a job in Washington DC, which is bad enough, but his last day will be while I am gone so I won’t get to say a proper goodbye. He was the best boss I ever had, the complete opposite of FOX at my last job. Of course, this added to the list of things I had to get done before leaving for Hawaii. I almost feel ready…

Famous Hat

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