Monday, April 20, 2015

Two Small Roadtrips

I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend. Saturday I was outside most of the day and got a bit of a sunburn. In the morning Travalon and I met Luxuli and Jilly Moose and another woman for coffee outside, so Rodney the Poodle could join us, then we ladies prayed the rosary and OK Cap joined us just after we finished. Travalon, meanwhile, walked Rodney by the lake. He, Jilly Moose, OK Cap, and I had lunch outside, then he and I drove to Paoli for more cheese curd bread and more Hop Garden beer. We were excited to hear that another small brewery, Driftless Beer, is opening a brew pub, but it’s over near Wyalusing. The Hop Garden will have their official Grand Opening on the second of May. We hiked at a park in Bellville by the lake, then we drove to the Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona and sat outside enjoying their Ol’ Reliable. I have mixed feelings about this brewery, because I hate to see anyone fail, but they broke off in a pretty nasty way from Capital Brewery. Who knows, maybe there is enough room in the microbrew market for everyone, and there's no need to fight. When Travalon and I got back to town, we got subs from Subway and ate in the park. Rodney had such a good day, getting to be outside all day long. Too bad poor Cashmere never gets to enjoy the lovely weather…

Yesterday after Mass we weren’t sure if the usual crowd was going to the usual place for brunch, since Rich is out of town, but they did, and they had saved us two spots. Then Travalon and I hiked all over Festge Park with Rodney before driving to Arena to try to find a bar that used to be a chicken coop. We did find it, but it did not look open. A quick perusal on the internet just now showed that it seems to have closed last August. We checked out the Arena boat launch and thought how much fun it would be to bring Travalon’s boat down there once we get it. We drove on to Spring Green and had some weird icy gelato, sitting outside although the day had become overcast. It didn’t start raining until we were at dinner, at a Japanese restaurant near East Towne. Only as we were about to leave did we realize that they have a really cool little secret room we could have sat in, since nobody was sitting in there. Oh well, next time.

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Travalon said...

The Wisconsin Brewing Company seems to be doing pretty well, surprisingly, they have quite a nice establishment to hang out at, especially outside on a warm summer evening. The beer was better than I expected too. I don't ever see them being as successful as nearby New Glarus or Capitol, but I think they'll do ok. I'm interested to see how things go in the near future for the Hop Garden and Driftless. Love our little weekend road trips. There's a lot of options for nice and interesting places to eexplore in this area.