Monday, April 27, 2015

Walking Weekend

Do you know how big Richard Bonomo’s driveway is? Big enough for an RV to park there and still fit two more cars! Can you believe it? Friday evening Travalon and I went over there for dinner, joining Kathbert, Catzookz, and Twins Fan, as well as a relative of Catzookz who had recently purchased the RV. We got a tour of it, and we also looked at MRI images because Kathbert, Rich, and I have all recently had MRIs done on our brains. All three of my brain files worked fine then, but now two of them won’t open. Here is the one that does still run, for your viewing pleasure:

Saturday Jilly Moose met Travalon and me for coffee, then we all went to Indian Lake County Park with Rodney and walked around the lake while praying various chaplets. We went to our old favorite, the Keg in Martinsville, for a drink and a bite to eat, and we asked about confession at St. Martin’s across the street, but they only have it the first Saturday of the month at nine am. We went to St. John the Baptist in Waunakee for confession, and tons of little kids were there in fancy white clothes to receive their first communion. Jilly Moose and I took a walk around my neighborhood, and we went to OK Cap’s house but she wasn’t home. We went to Pooley’s for dinner and then had fun singing along with “Sweet Caroline” on the way home.

Saturday Ma and Pa Hat stopped into town on the way back from Ma Hat’s alma mater, and several of us met them for lunch: Jilly Moose, OK Cap, Rich, and of course Travalon and me. Our lunch stretched on for three hours – guess we all like to talk! It was a beautiful day, so before lunch Travalon and I took Rodney for a walk at Tenney Park, and then in the early evening we intercepted Cecil Markovitch and the Single B-Boy walking through the Arboretum. Luxuli and Prairie Man intercepted us further down the road, and we all walked to Gates & Brovi for dinner. It sure was a great weekend for walking!

Famous Hat

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Travalon said...

The food at Pooley's( my favorite Madison area establishment)has gone from being sub-par over the years to very good, almost excellent- recently, since Kipp's ( apparently a southern dining/ catering service) has taken over their kitchen. The burgers are succulent- very homeade, fish frys( catfish and smelt are house specialties) and pizzas are as tasty as anywhere in town- loved the blackened blue cheese chicken sandwich, topped with onion straws I had on this outing.