Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Would You Like That Burger?

I am the Queen of Analogies, or so it seems. Once when T was bemoaning our single status at our (relatively) advanced age, I told her, "We women are like CDs. Some are the most popular thing right now and everyone wants them, but then after a while nobody listens to them anymore and they either sit on the shelf, un-listened to, or get sold to a used CD shop for a couple of bucks. You and I, we're Baroque music CDs. We sit in a bin in a specialty store, but one day someone will come along, see us, and say, 'That's the CD I've been looking for!' Then he will take us home and listen to us every night and never get tired of us or sell us to the used CD place." T said, "I LOVE that analogy!" and it really cheered her up, although at this writing we are both still sitting in the bin, waiting for our listener to find us...

This weekend when I went to the spaghetti dinner with Rich and A-Fooze, I said, "Most people are like hamburgers. Everyone likes hamburgers pretty well. I'm more like Thai food, sort of an acquired taste. Some people will never like Thai food, but some people would always choose it over a hamburger." They liked that analogy, and A-Fooze said most of her friends were Thai food, and Rich agreed that our group of people were all Thai dishes of some sort. He said he imagined most scientific nerd types were Thai food, but A-Fooze disagreed, saying she was the only Thai food in her lab and everyone else was a hamburger. I listened to this exchange in amazement, seeing how my analogy had taken on a life of its own. I would have been hungry, but I had already eaten an entire plate of spaghetti and was working on an enormous slice of delicious chocolate fudge cake. (Eventually I had to concede defeat and give two-thirds of the cake to someone else.)

So who are the chocolate fudge cakes of the world? And does everyone love them or can they only take so much of them before having to pass them on to someone else? I certainly know people like that. However, if you are reading this blog, you are not one of them!

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