Saturday, February 28, 2009

Plant World Prequel

No Lenten reflection today, just some pictures of Plant World Prequel.  (Thanks to Richard Bonomo for suggesting the title.)  These were taken in June of 2004.

My amaryllis blooming amidst the other plants.  I still have this amaryllis, but currently it is dormant.  

This is the top I cut off a pineapple and planted.  It started to grow, then it sent up some lovely purple flowers with what looked like a little pineapple top above them.  As you can see, it then actually produced a tiny pineapple.  It was only three bites, but it was the best pineapple I'd ever tasted, and it smelled wonderful even while still on the plant.  I still have the baby pineapple top, which hasn't gotten much larger.  The mama plant sent up another, enormous plant and then died, and I still have that pineapple plant as well.  It is at least three feet high and just as wide in diameter, and it looks delightfully tropical, but it has never made any purple flowers or a fruit like its mother did.

Famous Hat

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