Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Health-Food Store Hat

Now that the weather has warmed up from frigid to normal winter temperatures, I have traded in my knit cap for my more stylish winter hat. It is sort of a bucket hat, but purple velvet with a fancy band and buckle. (My Famous Hat is for summer use only.) People always comment on my purple velvet bucket hat and they ask where I got it, and I reply, "At the health food store." When they say, "I didn't know they sold hats there!" I say, "They don't! I got it free!" This is how it went down:

One winter evening I worked out and then went to the health food store. At some point I lost my black beret, so I went to the health club but they hadn't seen it. I went to the health food store, and an employee pulled out the Lost and Found box and began pulling random hats out of it. When I saw the purple velvet bucket hat, I said, "What a beautiful hat!" and the employee said, "Do you want it? It's been here for at least a year." The hat had a lining that could be washed, and I figured that after a year nobody was going to come looking for it, so I happily took it. I never did find the black beret, so it seemed to be a karmic trade.

Here is a scan of my hat. It didn't scan as well as some of the other random objects I have scanned, but you can get some idea of its lovely plum color and soft velvety texture.

Famous Hat

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