Monday, July 20, 2015

Early Music Weekend

My vacation continued on Friday when I met Tiffy for breakfast at Short Stack, a restaurant that only does breakfast food all day long. We checked out the Maxwell Street Days sales, then we met the Daughter of Denni to see the Participant Concert. Most years I have been in it myself. It’s amazing how good all these amateurs are. It was a very hot day, so we mostly stayed inside in the air conditioning. Rich met us for dinner at Kabul’s, then Tiffy and I went to the concert that night, which was Ensemble Peregrina, four women singing medieval chant and polyphony. They were extraordinary. Afterwards Travalon met the two of us at Hop Cat for a beer; we both got carded, but he didn’t, so we loved that.

Saturday Travalon had to work, so I met Tiffy and Rich for coffee, and then we hung out in her sister’s gorgeous apartment. Tiffy and I had lunch at a Peruvian restaurant, then I went home and spent some time with my poor husband, since he hadn’t seen much of me for the past week. We had the shrimp boil at the Nau-Ti-Gal for dinner, then he went to a movie while I met Tiffy and the Daughter of Denni for the final concert of the Early Music Festival. Such glorious music! I especially loved the Russian liturgical polyphony. Afterwards we went to Mr. Brews to compare it with Hop Cat, since they both carry many beers but Mr. Brews is locally owned. We all liked it better than Hop Cat, since it had a calmer clientele with more varied ages.

Sunday Anna Banana II came to Mass to say her goodbyes, and Jilly Moose came too. She joined us for brunch afterwards, then Rich, Travalon, and I went to our realtor’s thank you picnic for her clients. It was a cookout with delicious burgers and lots of stuff for kids, like face painting and a bounce castle. There was even an inflatable obstacle course which we decided to try, even if it was geared for children. Rich got through it without any problems, but Travalon and I were out of breath by the time we finished. Guess I need to go to UGGH Club more regularly! I haven’t been in two weeks… Travalon and I ended the wonderful week with a romantic dinner overlooking the lake to celebrate my selling the condo. And now it’s back to everyday life… sigh.  

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