Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rosary Ladies Road Trips

Sorry for the lack of blogging this past week. I have been so busy with the Rosary Ladies, since Anna Bananaa II is in town, and Tiffy is too. I will give a brief summary of what we have been up to:

Friday Jilly Moose, OK Cap, and I went to Anna Banana II's cottage on Lake Ripley for dinner, then we all went to the drive-in theater to see Minions and Inside Out. I didn't get home until 2 am from our outing watching kiddie movies!

Saturday Travalon and I went to Durward's Glen for the birthday of the Dairyman's Daughter. Richard Bonomo, Kathbert, Mr. N'Awlins, Cecil Markovitch, and the Single B-Boy were among the guests, and we all went for a hike afterwards. It is beautiful out there. Travalon and I took the ferry on the way home, then I met Tiffy and the Daughter of Denni for dinner before the first concert of the Early Music Festival. It was the Rose Ensemble singing Russian and other Slavic liturgical music, and it was so amazing that I bought their CD. The theme of the festival this year is Eastern European Early Music. After the concert, we saw Tiffy's sister's downtown apartment. Wow! Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Capitol Building and my church. Gorgeous!

Sunday Travalon and I overslept, so we went to brunch at the Keg, sitting on their patio overlooking the countryside, and then we went to Mass at the pretty church in Martinsville, St. Martin of Tours. We took a hike at Governor Nelson State Park, then we went to a Mallards game with Anna Banana II and OK Cap. We had to leave in the seventh inning so I could get to the Early Music concert in time, but the ladies stayed and saw a very exciting game with a grand slam for the visiting team, an extra inning when the Mallards tied it up, and a walk-off homer. The concert was wonderful, very Mideastern-sounding music. Afterwards Tiffy and I joined Travalon at the Union Terrace.

Monday Anna Banana II, Jilly Moose, OK Cap, and I took a mail boat cruise on Lake Geneva, learning about historic houses on the lake while watching agile teenagers leap off the boat, deliver the mail, and leap back onto the boat. We'd been expecting rain, but the weather was perfect, so we ate lunch outside too. On the way home we stopped at the outlet mall at Johnson Creek for some shopping, then Travalon joined us for dinner at the Nau-Ti-Gal.

Tuesday Anna Banana II, Jilly Moose, and I went for a morning hike at Indian Lake, up the hill to the chapel. We prayed the rosary at a spot overlooking the lake, then we headed downtown and met Tiffy for lunch. Later that evening I met Tiffy, the Daughter of Denni, and some others for dinner before the Piffaro concert. That was fun, as always, but sadly one of the members couldn't be there because he is suffering from recurring brain tumors and needed surgery... again. Hopefully this time was the charm.

Yesterday Anna Banana II, Jilly Moose, and I drove to Green Bay to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Hope, where we got rosary bracelets. Then we went to a health food restaurant called Urban Frog for lunch. We went to Lambeau Field and visited the gift shop, where we all got matching Packer umbrellas. I also got a couple of presents for Travalon and a Packer leash for Rodney. In the evening I went to Concert on the Square with Tiffy and Rodney; Prairie Man, Luxuli, and El Vegetariano were among the other people there. The theme was Spanish music. Travalon couldn't be there because he was taking his mother to another outdoor concert, this one in Oconomowoc.

Today Travalon, Jilly Moose, and I drove to Watertown to visit Beres Brothers Coffee, then we hiked on Tivoli Island, and then we toured the Octagon House, a big, brick, octagon-shaped house from the Civil War era. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Johnson Creek, then Travalon and I went to the closing for my old condo. I am so excited to have finally sold it! Rich had dinner this evening, and I brought the pasta I'd bought at the outlet mall. Kathbert, Anna Banana II, Jilly Moose, and Prairie Man came too. Now I am finally home and blogging.

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