Friday, July 10, 2015

Gig for Tips from Children

I was telling someone I had met a friend of hers who seemed very nice, and she started talking trash about the woman. Then she said the reason she doesn’t like her is because she says bad stuff about people behind their backs instead of confronting them, while she herself never talks behind people’s backs and is always straightforward. Is this an example of irony, or hypocrisy, or is it just human nature? I can certainly be bad with talking about people, but I would never claim to NOT have such a flaw. It just struck me as kind of funny, but of course you can’t laugh in someone’s face when they say something like that.

Yesterday I left work early for another gig, this one at the Mount Horeb Farmers’ Market. (Those of us who often bike to the town call it Mount Horrible, since it is uphill the whole way.) One vendor was really nice and gave us flowers and raspberries; the others just told us how much fun it was to listen to us. It was wonderful being outside and playing, but we got paid in tips, so we only got $3 each and somehow Hardingfele’s math was bad so she only got $1. She took the raspberries as the rest of her pay, although she did let me have a handful. Interestingly, the people who tipped us the most were children – are they more generous by nature? I would have thought a kid would spend a dollar Mom gave her on candy, not on the abstract concept of tipping the musicians. Maybe there is hope for this very young generation!

My blogging may be somewhat sporadic for the next week due to the Early Music Festival. 

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