Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Smart Phones

Yesterday Anna Banana II and Jilly Moose came to my house, and we took Rodney for a walk around the neighborhood, then we went to the Nau-Ti-Gal. I just had a cup of their famous clam chowder, since Travalon and I were planning to have dinner together later. I bid adieu to the ladies and headed back the short distance to my house, and just as I got to our road, Travalon was turning onto it, so he and I headed to the mall. Now I hate malls, but Travalon’s phone had died the day before, and he had been wanting to get a better one anyway, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Yes, Travalon and I have now leaped into the 21st Century and own smart phones. The guy showed us a Samsung Galaxy, but I was having a tough time understanding it, after the simplicity of my little flip phone, so he suggested an iPhone for me, since it is more user-friendly. In the end, I got the iPhone and Travalon got the Galaxy. Then we went to Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill for dinner and sat texting each other with our new toys. It is so much easier to text on my new phone, and it has voice-to-text technology, so I can dictate texts. My voice must be clearer than Rich’s, because I wasn’t getting too many goofy errors like he does. This morning I even asked my phone what ever happened to the other guy from Wham, and it told me! It’s mind-boggling that a phone can do all that.

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