Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I hope all my readers had a happy Thanksgiving. Wednesday evening Travalon and I got dressed up and went downtown. We had dinner at the Tipsy Cow (including goat cheese curds – yum!) and then went to a Latin music festival. I had heard about it on MyFace from Miss Heartsong, but we didn’t see her there, although I did see one of the doctors I used to work with. The first band did a fusion of salsa and soul, then the second band was Latin jazz, and we didn’t stay for the third band but they are straight-up salsa – I’ve danced to them on the rooftop of the Monona Terrace many times before.

Yesterday we went to Travalon’s family’s Thanksgiving celebration for lunch. I met his one brother’s girlfriend for the first time, and she is very interesting to converse with. Another brother gave the best explanation of what is wrong in politics today that I’ve ever heard. (Basically we all want a balance between personal liberty and security, but the two parties veer to either extreme.) One of Travalon’s sisters-in-law surprised him with a birthday cake, since his birthday (a big one!) is on Tuesday. Then in the evening we attended Rich’s Thanksgiving Day dinner, for which we had provided the turkey. (Rich cooked it.) Kathbert, Luxuli, Prairie Man, Cecil Markovitch, El Vegetariano, and many other people were there – I believe there were sixteen of us in all. The only two sad notes were that nobody brought a pumpkin pie (there were four other kinds: Kentucky Derby, apple, lemon chiffon, and banana cream), and of course that sad, sad, sad Packers loss. How could they lose at home to the Bears?? On the night they retired Brett Favre’s number?? With Bart Starr present???? Oh Packers, you are a constant source of heartache to me! And to myriad other people, I’m sure.

One more note: Light Bright had her baby boy on the 16th. He was about 9 pounds and 21 inches. She sent me an adorable photo of him, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to share it on this blog. I will note that, for a newborn, he is extremely cute. In my opinion they usually look like raisins.

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