Friday, July 22, 2016

Luau at the East Side Club

This week is Restaurant Week, when restaurants offer a multicourse meal for a special price, and I have been taking way too much advantage of it. Tuesday evening Travalon and I enjoyed the Nau-Ti-Gal’s special menu (I had lobster-stuffed salmon), then yesterday I went to lunch at Brocach with a person I know from Slow Food, and today she and I went to lunch at the Freiburg Gastropub. Not surprisingly, I have not been able to meet my calorie goals on my diet app most of this week. Good thing it is only Restaurant Week and not Restaurant Month!

Yesterday evening Travalon picked me up from work and we went to the East Side Club for their annual luau. It was stifling out, hot and humid, when we arrived in the parking lot, but after we sat down by the lake with a watermelon margarita, the temperature dropped twenty degrees and a lovely breeze blew up. Just as I was texting Jilly Moose and OK Cap about the wonderful breeze, it turned into a gale force wind and almost blew my phone out of my hand! Jilly Moose arrived just then, and right after that it started to rain, so we went inside. OK Cap and Richard Bonomo arrived during dinner, which was a whole slow-cooked pig (but not buried in the ground with heated lava rocks like at a genuine luau), several kinds of salads, and tons of desserts. I went way over my calorie count yesterday! At least I burned off a few dancing to Bahama Bob, the steel drum player who played at Rich’s birthday party. We started a conga line during one song, and some other people joined it, and for another song Bahama Bob brought out a limbo stick so we did the limbo. The champion was a kid who looked about fourteen – he was way more flexible than all us middle-aged folks. Bahama Bob even played the Beer Barrel Polka. Meanwhile, quite a storm was going on outside, and we could see lightning flashing over the lake, but by the time the party was over, things had cleared up. Travalon and I were dry until we got into the car, because apparently the moon roof was a tiny bit open, so when he started driving, a bunch of water fell on me and then I was soaked! Ah well, otherwise it was such a fun night, I can’t complain about one little thing, and anyway I did dry off quickly.

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