Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Restaurant Week, Continued

Yesterday evening Travalon and I went to Liliana’s, where “Restaurant Week” went on for a few extra days. We sat outside and enjoyed ratatouille and scallops with haricots verts (that’s just a fancy way of saying green beans) and baby blue potatoes. There is a menu fixe (is that the right phrase?) for Restaurant Week, but after our waiter brought us delicious caramel torts, he realized that he had brought us the dessert for the wrong menu, so then he brought us the correct dessert – chocolate mousse! I probably should have turned it down, but they were both delicious. If I hadn’t had both, I would have been OK calorie-wise yesterday… There was a trio singing and playing jazz, and another guy joined them on the timbale (or some large Latin drum) for “The Girl from Ipanema.” They were so good that I took their card, although I am not in the habit of hiring musicians. In fact, Light Bright’s band at our wedding and Bahama Bob at Rich’s 60th birthday party might be the only two times I have done so. Not that I wouldn’t love to have live music all the time, but who could afford that? Maybe if I won the lottery, I’d have live music all the time – I’d get music and they’d get money! Another thing I’d do: charter a Betty Lou Cruise and take a bunch of homeless people and poor kids on it. They probably never get to go on boat rides.

Travalon’s phone continues to do random things. Today it sent me two texts in quick succession: “the whoaw a is aDr2Wsz5qA sq research A99o2,” and, “a.” Seriously, as I was pondering whether the first one was in some sort of code I should recognize, and wondering what the actual word “research” was doing in there, another one came in of just a lower-case a. This was just after I had sent him a heartfelt text about clearing the air with a coworker and how we each had thought the other was mad, but in reality neither of us was, so I figured it wasn’t a direct response from Travalon but his phone acting of its own accord again. At least it didn’t send me five texts of the staring emoji! 

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