Friday, July 1, 2016

Tiedeman's Pond and Sardines

Sorry for my silence yesterday. I was going to post some more photos but was busy for the last two evenings. On Wednesday Travalon and I went for a walk around Tiedeman’s Pond, where we saw lots of interesting plants. I took a picture of a shrub with flowers like little puffballs, and also some photos of the sunset over the pond. Then we went to a Mexican ice cream store and had a really interesting flavor of goat’s milk ice cream with toffee in it. Yesterday evening was a good one too. First some of my coworkers and I had a beer after work to say goodbye to one of our grad students who is finishing his PhD and moving to London, and then Travalon and I went to Sardines, a seafood restaurant with seating overlooking Lake Monona. It had been raining earlier in the evening, but it had stopped by the time we got there, and they were setting the tables on the patio again. We were the first ones out there, and it was wonderfully quiet (unlike inside the restaurant), but soon more people came outside. According to my health app, my dinner there was very nutritious and not too calorific. Seafood and Mediterranean food seem to be that way – maybe that is why the experts are always saying to eat more of that and less of the red meat. After dinner Travalon and I took a walk along the path by the Monona Terrace, watching the boats out on the lake. I feel very blessed to live somewhere with such lovely lakes. If only it was always summer here, this town would be just about perfect.

Famous Hat

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