Thursday, February 9, 2017

Recent Art Projects

Time for another pictorial post, this one of my latest art projects. But first, as promised, here is a terrible selfie of me wearing the "Bee Optimistic" T-shirt I won during the online party:

Next are some shots of the glass Jilly Moose and I made at Fired Up this past weekend. The first two photos are the pendants she made, and the third is the three pendants and two refrigerator magnets I made.

And here are some photos of pages from my adult coloring book. When Travalon and I went to Ben Franklin's to get a suction cup to hold up the sun catcher I had made during a previous trip to Fired Up, neither of us had enough change for the 59 cent suction cup, and we didn't want to put 59 cents on a credit card. We ended up getting a set of 24 pens (8 neon, 8 metallic, and 8 glitter) and an adult coloring book called "Ocean Wonders." As you can see, I have been enjoying it!

Famous Hat

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