Monday, February 27, 2017

World Music Weekend

I hope my readers had a good weekend. Friday evening I went to another Ukulele Newbies jam, this one with an Irish theme in honor of the upcoming festivities of St. Patrick’s Day, and then Travalon and I had a quiet evening at home. Saturday was an even more musical day. Travalon and I met Mamastep for coffee downtown, then we went to the International Music Festival at the Overture Center, which is completely free. First we listened to an Irish band called Bi Dana (disclaimer: I don’t think any of these bands are actually from the countries of origin but are local people and maybe expats), then we listened to a gypsy jazz swing band, and after that Travalon took off while we were joined by the woman who had joined us for dinner on Thursday evening, whom I will call “Cali” pending a more descriptive name. We three ladies explored the crafts for sale (I bought a kalima, or thumb piano), registered to win a safari, watched some capoeira, some flamenco, and some West African dancing, and we finished the afternoon by listening to an Afro-Cuban band. Mamastep had other plans that evening, and Cali went to Mass, so I went to the Adoration Chapel and prayed a rosary. Then we Rosary Ladies, Cali, and another lady went out to dinner at a sandwich shop while the guys were at Steak Night. Luxuli mentioned that we should crash their dinner during the dessert phase because the next day would be Prairie Man’s birthday, so I texted Travalon. He said they were going to the Avenue Bar for ice cream drinks, so Jilly Moose, OK Cap, Luxuli, Cali, and I headed over there to join Prairie Man, Travalon, Twins Fan, Trinidad Cap, Cecil Markovitch, the Single B-Boy, and of course Richard Bonomo. It was so much fun! Then, because we are nuts, Travalon and I went to the Carnaval celebration with Brazilian music at the Majestic Theater. I definitely got my world music fix this weekend!

Yesterday Jilly Moose joined Travalon and me at Mass, then we headed over to Crema CafĂ© for Prairie Man’s birthday. He is now officially a senior citizen! Luxuli and Cali were there too, and the birthday boy generously paid for our brunches. Then Travalon and I drove to Oconomowoc to visit his mother in the hospital. She had fallen late the night before, but she wasn’t seriously injured and seemed to be in good spirits. She has to go to rehab but then should be able to return to her apartment. It was cold there, but when we returned to Madtown, it was beautiful out (at least for late February), so we met Jilly Moose at Tiedemann’s Pond and walked around it. Then the three of us watched “Lego Batman.” It was really funny – my favorite line was when they were talking about all sorts of villains, and they showed Daleks and said, “British robots – ask your nerd friends.” And Sauron had “an eye for jewelry.” Seriously, what kids are going to get those jokes? But it was a really frenetic movie, so I think the kids like it too. They were just laughing at different spots than we adults. There was a really funny gag about how Batman wouldn’t commit to a relationship with the Joker as his main enemy and had never even told him, “I hate you.” I would definitely recommend this movie!

Famous Hat 


Richard Bonomo said...

Ahem! Yours truly was also at said Sunday brunch in honor of PrairieMan. Happy 65th!

Famous Hat said...

Oops! Of course, if this is a sure way to get you to comment, maybe I should keep forgetting to list you. ;)