Monday, March 13, 2017

Discovering Deansville

I hope my readers had a good weekend. On Friday Cali suggested we go to the fish fry at the bowling alley in Sun Prairie, so Travalon, Cecil Markovitch, Richard Bonomo, Luxuli, Prairie Man, and I joined her there. Saturday Travalon and I went to a pop-up donut shop at Macha Tea. As my longtime readers may remember, they used to be located in a house, and I had my wedding shower there. Now they are in a much smaller space, but they were crazy busy selling donuts on Saturday morning. Then Travalon and I drove to Watertown to get two-for-one mint chillers at Berres Brothers Coffee and then go on a hike on Tivoli Island. That is more sugar in a short amount of time than I have consumed in a while! We drove back on back roads and discovered a tiny town called Deansville with a very nice tavern called the Barrel In, then we tried once again to find the source of the Yahara River, but Google Maps doesn’t always exactly match reality, and we were not successful. In the evening we went to a new jazz club on State Street, but a trio was playing free jazz, you know, the Ornette Coleman style stuff. It doesn’t even sound like music, just noise. We left after the first set. The worst of it was we could have gone to see a group for free that includes the Daughter of Denni, but we thought we would support live jazz in Madtown. However, I keep forgetting what a wide array of styles are called “jazz,” and that I really do not like all of them equally.

Yesterday we had a much more successful music day. After Mass Travalon and I went back to Macha Tea for their Asian brunch, and Rich joined us for a bit. We decided to go home and nap instead of going to the St. Patrick’s Day parade around the Square, but we did go to the St. Patrick's Day Irish music extravaganza at the Brink Lounge, and we were joined by Jilly Moose, OK Cap, Cali, and another friend who doesn’t yet have a name on this blog. She is someone who was around years ago, before I was blogging, and she just came back to town. We heard several bands and watched two dance schools perform. At the end of the festival they even taught dances to anyone who wanted to learn. The music made up for the disappointing “music” the day before so that it was an enjoyable music weekend, after all.

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