Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pi Day Celebrations

Did my readers all have a happy Pi Day yesterday? In honor of the day, Handy Woman brought an apple pie into work, and then Travalon and I went to Liliana’s for their special Pi Day menu. The first course was a pecan, pear, and gorgonzola tart, the main course was a spicy shrimp and crawfish pie, and the dessert was a chocolate bourbon pecan pie. Of course I did not stay under my calorie count yesterday, so I ran in place while listening to about seven different versions of the jazz standard “Topsy.” I will warn you that if you search for “Topsy” on internet video sites, the first thing that comes up is not a video of someone playing the jazz song but a very old movie of an elephant being electrocuted back in 1903. Yes, it was on purpose; she had killed several people and was deemed a “bad” elephant. Considering that she was stolen from the jungle as a youngster and dragged to this country to live in a cold climate and do demeaning tricks for people, I can understand why she felt a little murderous! Why they didn’t just return her to the jungle is beyond me, but maybe they figured that she wouldn’t know how to survive in the wilderness. The reason I did not walk in place while watching Roots is that we have finished watching it. Now we are set to watch the sequel, Roots: The Next Generation. Will that one give me weird dreams? The original one caused me to dream that I had been stolen from Africa, or at least that is what someone was trying to tell me, but I was confused because I clearly remember being twelve and living in this country the whole time. Also, they were trying to tell me my birthday was in April, not January. I just kept saying, “This is not my story you are telling me. I know my own story.” Maybe that was caused by Kunta Kinte having to take a new American name. If you have not seen Roots, I would highly recommend it. It is disturbing, but – spoiler alert! – it does have a happy ending, after all.

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