Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Women's Hockey Championship

I totally forgot to mention yesterday that when Travalon and I went to the Thirsty Moose on Sunday afternoon, we watched the third period of the Women’s Hockey Championship game. The Badger Ladies were the highest ranked team in the country, but they were destroyed 0-3 by Clarkson, a school in Pottsdam, New York, with 4000 students. So that was sad, but they had a great season. However, I do not really like hockey because of the inherent unjustness of the sport. For example, once Clarkson had two goals, the Badgers had their goalie pulled, so that Clarkson easily got a third goal. And I’ve seen things like that before, where one team is far ahead and they get a free shot at the goal without the goalie defending it. How is this fair?? If anything, the team that is way behind should get a free shot to make it more of a game. It’s like they really do not want anyone coming from behind and catching up. Travalon tells me it is a reward for doing well, but it galls me. That is why I never will be a hockey fan.

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