Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birthday Biking

Sorry for the silence yesterday – I was really dragging and was not up to writing a whole blog post, as arduous as that is. Just kidding, but I really was tired. You probably want to hear about the drunken bike ride, which I attended for the first time with my own personal SAG wagon (Travalon’s SUV), and the first leg of the journey was so hard that I utilized it for the rest of the trip. Unlike other years, where we would bike a few miles between stops, this year there was a long haul out to Riley’s Tavern, so I chickened out and drove with my husband. This was my first time on a bike all year, and thanks to Dennii for fixing my wonky back wheel. This is the 11th year of his daughter’s birthday bike ride, so the T-shirts featured speakers that went to 11. (That’s a Spinal Tap reference, if you didn’t catch it.)

Saturday Travalon and I met Mamastep at the Manna Café for brunch, then we had nowhere to be the rest of the day so we went hiking at Governor Dodge State Park and had dinner at the Brewery Creek Pub in Mineral Point. To my surprise, we saw blooming Indian pipes (or the more PC name, ghost plants) down by the waterfall at Governor Dodge. I had no idea they could grow this far south! I’ve only seen them up north of Minocqua before. They are very cool little plants in the heath family that have no chlorophyll, so they are white, and they do look like ghostly little smoking pipes coming out of the ground. They survive on a fungus that grows on the roots of pine trees. They hate hot summers, but maybe it stays cool enough down by the waterfall for them to thrive.

Sunday after brunch Travalon and I voyaged to the Five O’s to see his mother, and we had dinner at a really good Indian restaurant there called Mantra. Then we went swimming at the health club, and some other ladies there were playing gospel music and salsa, so I was dancing to it in the water. Maybe that burned even more calories – hopefully, because yesterday I was too tired to get any exercise in, other than a little rosary walk during my lunch break. That surely didn’t burn my daily 500 calories! Other than that, I have been good about burning 500 extra every day, but I’m still not losing any weight…

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Travalon said...

-Never cared much for Indian food until I tried it at Mantra in Oconomowoc- that succulent lamb curry and rice dish, (Lamb Mughli?) or was something else, and that Nann bread was amazing.

-The bar stops on the bike trail were enjoyable, I wonder how many the group made it to after we left. - It was good to get back to beautiful Gov. Dodge and Mineral Point is always a treat !