Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Canoe as Metaphor for Marriage

A soprano in my choir said that she thought the canoe was an apt metaphor for marriage, so it was appropriate that Travalon and I got one so early in ours. When we thought about it, Travalon and I had to agree. The canoe takes teamwork, and so does marriage. The canoe needs to be balanced, and so does a marriage. The canoe takes communication, and so does marriage. Perhaps the couple that canoes together, stays together. Now that we can bring Rodney along, it’s almost like a family activity, though I’m sure there’s no way Cashmere would want to be in the canoe. Maybe she would jump out and swim like the crazy rabbit that attacked President Carter, if anyone remembers that. (It made quite an impression on me because I was a small child at the time.) Now Travalon and I are sharing a cold, so we probably won’t go out in the canoe in the next few days, but it’s nice to know it is always there for us to use for hours of fun.

There was something else Travalon said I should blog about, but my virus-laden brain cannot think of it right now. If I think of it tomorrow, that’s what I’ll blog about. Maybe Travalon will remind me in the comments.

Famous Hat


Travalon said...

Watching Fat Albert DVDs, laughing together, etc.

Hardingfele said...

I think before the bunny passes on, you should take her canoeing and take a photo and blog about it! We could take her in our canoe on a date with Vinny :-)