Thursday, August 14, 2014

Canoeing Dream

Last night I had a dream about canoeing, and it was awesome. Travalon and I were going to canoe up a creek by our house and then let the current bring us back, and one of the things we were going to pass was a law firm. It listed all the attorneys, and two had the last name “Dave.” I said, “I sure hope one of them has the first name Dave too!” and sure enough, there was a Dave Dave listed. The next thing we would pass was a veterinary clinic, and then there was a really elaborate tree fort. This dream made me very happy, much happier than the one two nights ago, when I dreamed there was a disturbing Irish legend in which Jesus tricked a guy into drowning himself. I chalk that one up to my cold; I always have weird “sick dreams.”

Tomorrow Rodney the Poodle will be fifteen years old, so tonight Travalon and I are taking him for a long walk, since that’s his favorite thing to do. Luxuli and Prairie Man will hopefully join us with their dog Michaela, making it a dogtastic time. I am not sure when I’ll let you, my readers, know how it went. Tomorrow I will be out of town almost all of the day, meeting Travalon’s friend who is visiting from Japan. I believe he is bringing his Japanese girlfriend too. I’m looking forward to it.

Famous Hat

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