Thursday, February 5, 2015

Date with Travalon

They say to date your spouse, so in that spirit I took yesterday afternoon off and went on a date with Travalon. We drove out to Martinsville again, since it was a beautiful and sunny (but very cold) day, and we had lunch at The Keg. I had a pub burger with nacho cheese sauce on it – so naughty but so good! Then we took a drive to Ashton, another tiny hamlet just west of town and only a few miles closer than Martinsville. It too consists of a number of houses, a bar, and a Catholic church. You could probably walk from one church to the other in better weather, and I wonder if they ever have Eucharistic processions between the two of them. Then we went to the chocolate shop at Hilldale, since Travalon had given me a gift card from there for my birthday. We used up the rest of the gift card on exotic chocolates and warm drinks. We walked across the street to the Sundance Theater to see American Sniper, a very intense movie about the deadliest sniper in US history. It did a good job of depicting both the horrors of war and the confusion of coming back to civilian life. We got some popcorn and then ended the evening with a lovely dinner in front of the fireplace at the Mariner’s Inn, right in our backyard. I ate a very light meal of walleye with Mediterranean salsa to make up for my naughty lunch. Though I love being married even better than dating, it sure was fun to go on a date with Travalon again!

Famous Hat 


Travalon said...

It was a very enjoyable day, we did a lot of stuff in a short time. The Keg in Martinsville is never disappointing. I regret not following the recent war in Iraq more closely and not really knowing about Chris Kyle "the American Sniper"

Travalon said...

Very nice date ! Would you maybe like to go out with me again sometime?
If you're not too busy, etc.
Oh, I need your phone number again if that's ok with you..

Famous Hat said...

You and the dentist's office. They needed my new phone number too because they replaced all my contact info with yours!