Friday, February 13, 2015

Rich's Last-Minute Birthday Dinner

Last night I met Light Bright for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, where we had tacos and margaritas and dished about the people she still works with. Her least favorites are the same ones I always had trouble with, so that makes me feel better. Not for her, of course, but at least we can both be fairly certain it isn’t our fault. She didn’t have any good Sock Puppet stories, alas. She did ask the worst Sock Puppet if he could bring a sign-in sheet up with him after a weekly conference, because he comes right upstairs from the conference whereas she would have to go out of her way to go pick it up, and he replied rather snottily that it was above his pay grade. Oh, so Mr. Six-Digit Income, you don’t get paid enough to carry a piece of paper upstairs? Then we went to get Travalon’s Valentine’s Day present, and there were two things he wanted, so I had to choose one. Finally we went to Light Bright’s house, and she showed me her totally redone basement with the in-floor heating. It’s kind of a man cave down there, with a 60” plasma TV her husband likes to play video games on. Fancier than Travalon’s man cave, since we only have one TV, it’s much smaller than that, and it is in the living room.

After that I went to an Italian restaurant for a last-minute birthday gathering for Richard Bonomo. We’re having a party for him tomorrow, but Catzookz couldn’t make it, so she and Twins Fan said we should get together for a late dinner. Cecil Markovitch, Prairie Man, and another person never mentioned on this blog were there as well, and Travalon joined us after his basketball game was over. I had already eaten and was not hungry, but then I ended up having a fancy ice cream drink and some of Travalon’s tira misu, so I wasn’t particularly virtuous. Catzookz brought balloons, which hopefully will still be up tomorrow for the “official” party. We don’t have a theme this year, but next year will have to be a big one, so maybe we should all start planning for that.

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