Monday, February 9, 2015

Ladies' Night Out

I hope all my readers had a great weekend. Friday evening Travalon was watching high school basketball, so I went to Richard Bonomo’s house to have nerdly conversation with him and Kathbert. I mentioned that Travalon was going to Comic Con, and they asked if he were dressing up, but I said not that I knew of. We decided he would make a good BayMax, the giant cuddly robot from Big Hero 6. Kathbert can do a mean impression of a dalek so we decided she could go as that, and Rich could be the Robot from Lost in Space, and I said I’d go as Cthulhu, because who ever heard of a short, fat Cthulhu? Besides, he is pure evil and I can be too. By the way, I’m totally impressed that Spell Check recognizes Cthulhu as a word.

Saturday Travalon and I drove to London, another small town consisting of a Moravian church, a couple of businesses, and some houses. It was larger than Ashton and Martinsville. Then we went to the coffee house in Cambridge, called the Daily Grind, and then we spent some time at the dog park with Rodney. The guys were going out for steak that night, so we girls (Tiffy, Jilly Moose, Luxuli, and I) decided to go to Maharaja Indian Restaurant for our own Girls’ Night Out dinner. We meant to do something more, like going dancing, but ended up talking so long that they closed the restaurant and kicked us out. By then it was pretty late, so Tiffy and I headed home, where we got sucked into a terrible Lifetime movie called Megachurch Murder. But come on, wouldn’t you have watched something with that name? It was so predictable that we had to keep watching just to see if our predictions were correct… and of course they all were.

Yesterday after Mass a bunch of us went to brunch at the Parkway, then a group headed to Devil’s Lake to snowshoe across it, Travalon went to Comic Con (sans costume), and Tiffy and I walked out onto Lake Mendota. We came across an area where someone had built a bunch of snowmen, a couple of igloos, and a snow Sphinx, then we went to the newly redone Edgewater Hotel, walked up what felt like five flights of steps, and discovered a small ice skating rink. We went inside the hotel and found a tiny café, so we each had a latte to warm up. After that we went to a Baroque music concert at Gates of Heaven synagogue. I headed home after that just to find Travalon watching the same game on TV that he had watched in person on Friday night. That must have been one awesome game! We went to Salvatore’s Pizza Pies and joined the snowshoeing gang, including Rich, the Single B-Boy, Trinidad Cap, and the organizer, Cecil Markovitch. Cecil, Trinidad Cap, and Rich ordered dessert, but for some reason Cecil’s was half the size of the others, so he kept cracking jokes about how little dessert he got. He is endlessly entertaining. If you are wondering, the pizza there is really good.

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