Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Foreign Languages and Musicians

Yesterday during Irish class we learned how to ask what you do in your free time, and it turned out that both the other student and I play both violin and mandolin. We got to talking about it after class, and he learned mandolin as a gateway to learning the fiddle, since he already knew how to play the guitar. I said I was just the opposite, being a classically trained violinist first and then learning the mandolin. He plays in a band too, but it sounds like they are a little more professional than our band, which has never been that serious. I just thought it was really fascinating that the two of us interested in learning a somewhat obscure, less than useful language are also musicians… and even play the same instruments! Oddly enough, we are also both Capricorns. Are naturally musical people also more adept at picking up foreign languages? Speaking of foreign languages, Travalon is also living his dream of learning Hungarian, because he has a coworker who is from Hungary. Maybe if he gets good enough, he could Skype A-Fooze and they could converse in Hungarian. Of course, this means Travalon and I cannot talk to each other in a foreign language, but after all, that’s what English is for.  

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