Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rotten Monday

Yesterday was kind of a bad day. On the way to work there were a lot of little accidents, so the traffic was really slow and I got in late even though I’d left home early. Then the server was down again, and so the shortcut I had on my desktop to a program I use all the time didn’t work. A pop-up message said the program the shortcut was for was no longer valid, did I want to delete it, and I accidentally hit yes instead of no, so now my shortcut is gone. Once the server was back up, I found the program, but my preferred settings are all gone. Sigh. I did manage to make the font bigger, but it doesn’t look as good as it did before, when it was set up by a coworker. Late morning I went to my adoration hour, but there was a construction vehicle blocking most of the driveway, so I tried to go around it and ran into a snowbank. You wouldn’t think that would be a big deal, but it cracked Noelle’s bumper. I’ve had her one and a half months and I’ve already managed to bang her up. I have a warranty on her, but I called, and they don’t cover damage to bumpers. Then in the afternoon we had a work-wide meeting, and the facilitator asked those of us who hadn’t said anything to give our opinions, so I did… and was immediately belittled by a coworker in front of EVERYONE. This is why I don’t speak up at meetings. I’m not sure if my opinions really are that ridiculous, or if said coworker just wanted to flex her “I’m superior” muscles like a high school girl proving she is more popular. You’d think that stuff would have ended in adolescence…

Today I am having an OK day, very busy but not particularly good or bad. I’m hungry from dieting, and the snow is falling so hard that I imagine my drive home will be very interesting. Irish class was canceled, and Travalon is probably not going to go to the high school basketball game he’d been planning to see tonight. He just texted me that a coworker of his is from Hungary, so maybe she can teach him some Hungarian. I am doing Duolingo to practice my Irish skills, but they don’t offer Hungarian on it. It’s a free website for learning a foreign language, and so far it’s slow going. I tried to test out of the basic level, but the words they asked me to translate are not words we have covered in Irish class, so I’m stuck.

Famous Hat

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Travalon said...

Better days are ahead, hang in there !!