Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Beautiful USA Rosary

As much as I find the transition from summer to autumn depressing, it is enjoyable getting back to evening activities again. (Though it is sad that then I see a lot less of Travalon!) This week has been particularly crazy because Monday I had my second ukulele lesson (in which we learned some strumming patterns and the chord progression C-Am-F-G7), then last night I had my first Irish class of the year, and fortunately our teacher is easing us back into it, and then I went to Light Bright’s house to celebrate her birthday (which is actually today). Her baby (who is ten months old now) was in bed already, but she, her mother-in-law, and I had a great time just talking and laughing. They made a delicious dinner with vegetables from their garden, and I brought dark chocolate that we had after dinner with decaf coffee and red grapes. I gave Light Bright a sock monkey wine bottle cozy, and she LOVED it!! I figured it would be the right degrees of silly and practical. Tonight I have band practice AND choir practice, which isn’t uncommon on Wednesday evenings, but honestly I often skip choir practice. When you have been singing the same songs for two decades, sometimes practice feels a little redundant.

I love my beautiful new Ghirelli rosary, which was made in Italy but has a USA theme, with a crucifix that looks like the flag, a center medal that looks like the country, and the abbreviations for each of the fifty states on the Hail Mary beads. It is extremely well-made, especially considering its incredibly reasonable price. I was not expecting something so heirloom quality for what I paid! I have been praying for each of the states as I do the rosary. Speaking of which, there will be a guest blogger at some point: Travalon writing about his impressions of each of the states! Now that he has visited them all, I asked him if he would be willing to write something for the blog, and he said sure. This is a very beautiful country, and I have been lucky enough to visit quite a bit of it myself. I am missing about ten states: Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, the two Carolinas, and most of New England. I did go through Idaho on the train but was asleep both ways, so I’m not sure if that really counts either. Anyway, watch this space for Travalon’s summary of the fifty states.

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