Monday, September 19, 2016

Birthday Parties and Willy Street Fair

Happy Monday! I hope my readers had a good weekend. Mine was wonderful. On Friday evening Rich cooked the fish Travalon and I had caught in Alaska, and we had a real feast at his house because people brought all kinds of food and plenty of wine. It was a joint birthday party for Jilly Moose and Tiffy, and plenty of other people were there too: Cecil Markovitch, the Single B-Boy, Catzookz, Twins Fan, Luxuli, Antoshka, Kathbert, and of course Rich, Travalon, and me. We all had a really good time, and Twins Fan was particularly entertaining. When square dancing came up in the conversation, he said he liked all kinds of shape dancing, like octagon dancing, and when I said, “Does that take eight people?” he said, “No, it takes Chuck Norris.” I laughed so hard! Of course, maybe that is only funny if you know the running joke that Chuck Norris can do anything, no matter how impossible.

Saturday I hung out with Tiffy all day. We got coffee on State Street, then we had a very leisurely lunch sitting outside, still on State Street, and then we moved to the Union Terrace, where Travalon and Rodney joined us. The crowds were numerous and cheerful and red-clad, because the Badgers had just won a close, exciting football game. In the evening the three of us met Rich for dinner at one restaurant, but it was so busy that no wait staff came to see us for fifteen minutes, so we went to another one for dinner. Of course, just as we got up to leave, a waiter did come over with water for us, but he conceded that they were short-handed that night, so we went across the street and had a lovely dinner.

Yesterday Travalon and I went to the East Side Club for their members’ picnic, but when the entertainment started (a country singer), we left and went to the Willy Street Fair. I won’t go into too much detail here but you can read a previous post about it, and it was just as crazy this year. There was one woman dressed as a unicorn! We stopped by the Willy Street Pub and tried Kona Lemongrass Luau beer, which is brewed on the Big Island of Hawaii, and we checked out the giant pumpkin contest – the winner weighted over 1700 pounds! It wasn’t very attractive, though. In the evening we joined the Rosary Ladies and Prairie Man at OK Cap’s new apartment, which is very cute, and then we went to the Nitty Gritty for Jilly Moose’s birthday, since she got unlimited beer in a commemorative mug. Rich, Catzookz, and Twins Fan joined us there, and we watched part of the game there. Unfortunately the Packers did lose to the Vikings, only by a field goal, and they could have had that if they had kicked one on fourth down earlier in the game instead of trying to go for a touchdown. Oh well, it is too early in the season to say if they are going to be terrible or great.

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