Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ukulele Lessons and the Presidential Debate

Last night I had my third ukulele lesson. We learned the G chord, which is actually harder than the G7, if you can believe that, and we played a lot of songs using our Coke-Pepsi strumming. We used words like that when learning rhythms in my Suzuki violin lessons years ago too, like one rhythm we did was called “Minnesota Vikings” but of course this was in Minnesota. I am enjoying ukulele lessons so much that I signed up for Ukulele 2, another five-week series. Poor Travalon is never going to see me! If anyone would like to take Ukulele 1, it is being offered again as soon as this round ends, so in mid-October. Let me know and I can get you in touch with the teacher.

Then I came home and watched the debate. I don’t want to talk politics too much on this blog, but my general impression is that one candidate was well-prepared for the debate and the other one wasn’t. If you don’t take running for president seriously, would you take the actual duties of the office seriously? I was talking to a coworker about it today, and we both agreed that there is no way we would ever want to be president. Have you seen how much Obama aged during his tenure? Who needs that kind of stress? And he was a young man when he started out, but these two candidates are already retirement age. What will being president do to either of them?

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Travalon said...

Out of disgust and disenchantment with both candidates I am pondering doing a write-in vote on November 8th for a member of today's Bull Moose party, keeping the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt alive!