Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I Love Bright Colors

This weekend at the Willy Street Fair I saw a girl of about eight wearing a shirt that said: “My favorite color is sparkle!” I can get behind that sentiment. Why do some people act as if adults wearing bright colors is a problem? Thank goodness at my current job nobody has complained about my propensity for Hawaiian shirts, but back at my last job, where they didn’t like anything about me, one of their complaints was that I wore too bright of colors. I didn’t even wear Hawaiian shirts there much, because there was a strict dress code (that did not ban Hawaiian shirts), but nowhere did it say you could only wear beige and gray. Now it is entirely possible that my boss at the time just disliked me so much that she was prone to criticize anything about me, and beige was definitely her favorite color, but she actually wrote that in a formal complaint against me. Maybe to some people the wearing of bright colors signifies a certain lack of gravitas, but my job there was not one that required a lot of gravitas. In fact, part of my job was being friendly to visitors, and in my mind bright, cheery colors are friendlier than beige and gray. This boss did also mention in the formal complaint that I had plants in my office, even though lots of other people did too and that apparently wasn’t a problem, so truly she may have just been looking for anything to pin on me that she deemed “unprofessional.” However, it does seem like there are other people who also think bright, sparkly colors are only for little girls. I say there are whole cultures that do not accept that dictate, so why should I?

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