Thursday, June 1, 2017

Gypsy Swing at Cafe Coda

Last night I brought my ukulele to band practice and played it on a couple of songs. My bandmates said they couldn’t really hear me, so then I played one song with a pick, which for some reason nobody does when playing the ukulele. Maybe picks are too hard on the nylon strings. Then I met Travalon at Café Coda, which is at the Fountain, to hear some gypsy swing. We had heard a band with maybe eight members playing different instruments at the International Festival, and Travalon had really liked them, but this was two guys playing guitars and singing in French, and it wasn’t his thing. It was my thing, but even married couples can have different things. What I thought was interesting is that the singer was a very good musician with a lot of charisma, and the other guy was an AMAZING musician, but he had no stage presence. He could not have made a go of it on his own, while the singer probably could, but together they were fabulous. Sometimes it helps to find someone who can highlight your strengths and compensate for your deficits, like when I was office mates with Light Bright and would help her spell things while she helped me figure out the right thing to do in weird situations. We complemented each other just like the musicians last night. That is why God did not make us all the same, so we could all learn to help each other.

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