Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Machine Rebellion

This seems to be the week of machines not working. Monday our coffee maker at work decided that it needed more water to work, even after we filled it all the way to the maximum fill line, and it could not be dissuaded. Fortunately we have another kind of coffee maker; the broken one is a Keurig maker, and we have an old-fashioned one that just brews a pot of coffee, and even an espresso maker. Of course my coworker is frustrated because she just bought a ton of Keurig cups for that machine, so hopefully we can get it working again… She thinks somehow it can’t see the little ball that floats in it to let it know there is enough water in the reservoir, and that maybe this is due to lime, so this weekend she hopes to clean it. Then just today my adding machine at work decided it isn’t going to work anymore; it thinks it has some kind of paper jam, and I can’t figure out how to open it up to see what’s going on. I used my coworker’s adding machine to finish my deposit, and then my boss said there was another one in the supply closet, so I should be okay. Still, what is going on that all the machines are rebelling? Is there about to be a machine uprising?

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