Friday, June 23, 2017

RIP Rodney 1999-2017

Here is Rodney's obituary, written by Travalon:


Born: July 30, 1999
Died: June 18, 2017

    He was a very sweet, loyal and affectionate, fun and energetic little dog.
He loved his daddy and stepmom unconditionally right up until the end and he always enjoyed getting attention from kind and caring animal lovers of all ages.
He was adored by many - one woman he met in a park was so taken with him she said, "He is so cute, he shouldn't be legal!"
     My favorite memory of him was when he was only two years old - he ran nonstop around the kitchen table in extreme happiness at least ten times when seeing his daddy who just got home from a trip.
    He loved being walked all over the beautiful Oconomowoc (where he lived most of his life) and Madison areas and basically anywhere on road trips.  Any trail looked great to him for a long or short hike. He also loved romps off-leash at the Nashotah, Waunakee and Cherokee Marsh dog parks, and got along well with other dogs because of his calm and friendly nature. He also enjoyed tagging along with his daddy on fishing trips (an always available fishing buddy) and to Ashippun Mudcat baseball games, even to dog friendly taverns such as: AJ's in Oconomowoc and Kenny's in Monterey. He was also a big hit with people passing by on walks along the Lakeshore Path by the UW Memorial Union Terrace, receiving lots of attention. He even enjoyed going for boat and canoe rides with his daddy and stepmom wearing a lifejacket that was labeled "outward hound."
   Rodney was always up for an adventure, and he also enjoyed a relaxing evening at home, just being cuddled in his daddy's or stepmom's lap. It didn't take much to please him, often just a dog treat or stomach rub.
    He shared a home for almost 15 years with a very sweet Calico cat, and they became friends, respectful to each other's space, but often sitting in the same recliner chair or under a window sharing the sunlight.
    Even in his old age with declining health he remained very affectionate and loyal, and after a bad spell or day he always seemed to bounce back and be ok. Despite losing his eyesight and suffering from arthritis pain, he still enjoyed short walks, just getting outside sniffing the ground, even in the cold of winter wearing his lamb-skinned doggie coat.
    Because of the well-deserved love and care he got, along with all the exercise and his resilience, he exceeded the average lifespan for his breed by almost three years. People he met couldn't believe his old age.
    He spent his last conscious moments in a beautiful natural area near Spring Green, on one last walk being carried in a backpack. He is now running pain free up in doggy heaven. He is greatly missed and I am filled with sadness from his loss, but remembering the happy times with him gives his daddy a sense and peace and calmness - thankful to have him in my life for so long, giving me so much joy and pleasure.
He will be in my and Famous Hat's heart and memory forever.
God bless Rodney, and all the good dogs out there who give or have given us us so much joy !

Here is Travalon's favorite picture of Rodney:

This is my favorite picture of Rodney:

Here are Rodney and me in happier times:

And this is the last picture taken of Rodney while he was still alive. He looks so peaceful, and I look so sad.

Famous Hat

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